My name is Hanne and I’m from Norway.
I love digital art,and I’ve been making fractals for almost five years now. I started up with Apophysis, but now I’ve started using Ultra Fractal instead. I also enjoy drawing and photography, but I mostly focus on digital art.
I hope you’ll enjoy looking around my gallery and maybe even buy something to support a starving artist =D
Feel free to send me a bubblemail if you have any questions!

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Happy New Year!

I hope you’ll have a lovely New Years celebration! I’ve managed to catch a cold so I’m just gonna have dinner with my parents and spend the evening in the sofa with my computer and the two crazy puppies. No party for me! =D / I wish you all a fun and creative 2011!! / If anybody’s interested, I’ve made a “2010 in fractals” on my blog, showing one fractal …
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Featured on the frontpage again!

My Icy Hearts tee was featured on the homepage on December 19th! I haven’t been on RB for about a week so I didn’t find out until today, and I’m really surprised and happy! This is the second homepage feature this year, the previous one was Season Of Rust in October. This definitely made my day! A biiig thank you to Mieke Boynton for suggesting my tee =D
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Oh wow!

This totally made my day! =D
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I sold a card!

I sold a card of Lime Twist ! / Thank you so much Sunnymel for buying it, I’m really flattered and it made my day! ^^
Posted about 5 years – 6 comments