{My New Identity}

“You called me by my name”
I do not know you
So how come you knew My name
When was that, oh my good man? You know nothing of me
Tell me as yes you have my interest now You were introduced too me at a party Whose party?
As I remember all the so call parties That I go too
Gotcha you are taking too long Go before I call security
Gosh I cannot go anywhere these days With out some person coming up to me But how did he know my name?
I thought the days of the hit man were over? I have not been pestered since 1998 Is it still going on? Am I being tracked again? Last time it was Jakarta now here at this spot
It’s that mobile of mine have to see BG, and go under again
My life is one big roller coaster How many times do they want to write me off? Another identity I will be
What is so wonderful about that? Nothing as I have to change names Hair, face, and my speech and walk
So that I do not get shot at My car will have to go
As the last one they blew up Robbed my place of abode
Took everything Thanks BG, for coming I hated using the mobile For contact what can be done?
The boss knows all will be corrected this time You know his rules Your code name is “Mary” just 4 letters A new mobile
And a new set up you will go fine on this job.
2012-01-11 Well hello to all
My name is Mary and I have a new
Mobile untouchable
A brand new style
When I walk it’s like the talk
Now I know this is a safe site and
You are all my email friends
So back too the story
B.G. did his job with the hands of the best.
After all I had been through, being shot at
Car smashes in court rooms
Blimey who the hell am I
Having these so call hounds come on to me
The bastards
Trying too put a stop to me
Bloody hell
Am I so hot or too hard to handle
Well I turned out to be a preacher woman
Doing a wonders with my experience
And I want you all too know I never mocked GOD
Or his Son Jesus
As I needed for people to relax and be themselves
My numbers at church became bigger and bigger
As I spoke of the new world Order
And about the coming plagues
Now I am going back many a year
I was laughed at many times
So I asked the one who was their cheerleader to come forward
As it was not just my church it was also theirs
So up the front he and she came
And you know I should have woken up then
But no, I was a dumb arse
Just asking for trouble any way the show started
Mary here carried on in the spotlight, with the answers
They said, bullshit, nothing like that will happen
What I replied. Have you pair stopped f##king
No you are the stirrers, I know this is not the gospel that you
Would agree too, but it’s the way my gospel goes
So while we are debating I would like a show of hands
For the one’s who want for me to go on preaching and boy they were all for me.
So good bye birdies
Well I started getting what they call the deadly phone calls
So I would say, come on around, I will be waiting with Harry
Page 2
Who the fuck is Harry, was the answer from the caller
I replied and told the voice my dearest friend so what?
And his reply was he was going to cut my throat? But wait for it
He was going to fuck me first as I was a whore not a reverend
Well come and make my day you messed up freak
I will be waiting I replied.
They or he went too the wrong house so I do believe.
Two women were murdered
They had the same cars as I
And a stallion who was identical to mine
And lived in a property like mine at that time?
I had gone out in another car unknown to any body
And rested up away from the place where I lived 38 ks.
It was all over the news next day. TV and Radio.
Made no sense the murders
I spoke too a reliable person
He said, do you want to phone the police
Oh hell they will think I am a nut case
That night all alerts as the place were I was
Someone was trying to get in
The police came
And full security was on
It was my bloody room
And he was nearly in the bastard
They caught him three weeks later
Still to this day no one knows what it was all about
So you know I was talking about Global warming
And all that Jazz.
14 years ago.
We use to put it all into our
Newsletters for all to read
Now we are nearly here 2010 for all of the bang to start happening big time
It has been on the board for many years but all comes to a head like a sore that is that is coming up to the boil?
I really do not know why and how they wanted to shut me up?
I will let you know what I look like
Very soon, after the healing progress is over
50cents per copy the newsletter
That is what turned out to be my life?
A life worth 50 cents
A no body this is me
But they think I know more than I do
So what do I do?
I land into trouble talk around it, and by gee I get to the spot. See ya soon
Another day at downtown “Logan’s run,”
Which I Called it many years back when I came down from Cairns
Many years back.
Certainly has not changed only it has gotten worse over the years
And its not home to me anymore it is still hell
Well as my story goes……………….
No bullshit just truth and they say
“The Truth shall set you free”
I wonder they still shoot horses don’t they?
The years have rolled by and I should be unknown
But owing to everyone I never will be forgotten
Gone but not forgotten
Well on with my story
They said, they found my car at the airport
What a load of bull I never left it at the airport, my car was stolen
And then wrecked
I should know.
But no I have not been found, well who is typing this story?
Telling me that he brings them back here to, Australia in a bag
So speak up or you will find that you will wind up dead
I said, I do not know who or what you are talking about
Oh come on you’re not talking to a fairy, I know you know as we have been following you for some time. I do not believe you, then he pulled out his I.D.
Shit man, have you no brains, you know my husband and me
Game up and I am bloody angry and he was his face going a deeper shade of pink.
Okay if you have been following me then you know I am not the person you are looking for?
Look lets get this over with, you buy a plane ticket and you do not get on it and then you do not use your bank account all you do is change your name
So come on the game is over, you have bank accounts in lots of different names
Bullshit that is a bloody untruth and you know it I told the dickhead
Yeah well you marry and you do not get divorced you just marry again
Bullshit and you know it I stated
For bloody sake get it over with just kill me…his steely eyes looking in to mine
Hatred all over his face
I tell you I am not her, can’t you get it man
If her husband goes to that church doesn’t that prove he is not my husband?
And I do not know him anyway he must of killed her as he had the reason
Shut up you bitch, now you call me a bitch and I thought you were my friend
This is not Halloween is it?
Come on I know you are having a go at me let me make you a coffee
At least I got back downstairs where a lady was waiting to drive me
{Hard to comprehend}
Normaje 27th November 2009

{My New Identity}

Norma-jean Morrison

Lockyer VALLEY, Australia

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