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The Celebration Of Earth Life

The Celebration
Baby-Child Naming
Montana Louise Dunn
“Being held at our homestead 17 Naomi Road
Lockyer Waters”
Queensland 4311
On Saturday the First November 2010
Time: 11.15am

Reverend Norma Jean Morrison A4410

It is with respect and honour that I Reverend Norma Jean Morrison speak these words on behalf of the parents Warren Keith Dun and Martina Louise Smith
You our darling Montana Louise Dunn, you were born at the Ipswich Maternity Hospital
Ipswich Queensland 4305
At 10.18 am on Saturday 29th of October 2007
Your length was 51.5 Centimeters. Your weight being 3.8 kg
You’re Mother with your Father holding her hand in the stage of labor along with the midwife Nicole taking no chances that you would be in danger or your Mother as your Mother also had her best friend your God-Mother to be Michelle Louise Bradley giving your Mother Martina courage and love along with your Daddy.

As the labour pains were getting stronger and that is when Nicole the midwife went into action with the great team in the labour room at the Ipswich maternity hospital and your life was saved when all alerts sounded and Nicole the midwife with out a doubt saved your life

Montana as the cord was around your neck and you our darling were so blue in the face but Nicole and the great team got you out and oh, you were born a healthy beautiful baby girl the answer to our dreams
That is what a Father and Mother’s unconditional love is all about

I should state that you’re Grandparents also with unconditional love and was with your Mother and Father in thoughts all the way.Caroline Smith and Charlie SmithAnd

Narell Ann Dunn and Ronald Wayne Dunn

You’re Godparents
Godfather namely: Ronald Wayne Dunn
Address: 15 Ryan’s Road Leeville NSW 2470

Godmother namely: Michelle Louise Bradley
Address: 311 O Reilly’s Weir Road Lowood Qld 4311

Let this Ceremony begin with unconditional love
Good morning Family, friends and children

I have been asked to perform the said, Baby-Child naming for
“Montana Louise Dunn
At the grace of her parents Father Warren Keith Dunn and Mother Martina Louise Smith

On this day Saturday First day of November 2008
We are all here to celebrate the family tree as their beautiful daughter
Montana Louise Dunn, who is now the new branch in this family tree
Martina and Warren her parents were over the moon when finally their daughter was born. A very healthy baby girl the miracle of human birth, this bundle of beauty, such a wonderful gift, perfection in every way

Warren and Martina the Parents of Montana
Would like me to say these words on their behalf


“Every experience we have ever had, every thing we have ever done, every thing we have ever learned has brought us to this moment.
When we stand with our baby girl-child Montana
We will confront the future together and with you our darling Montana, always growing
Together, honoring, respecting and cherishing each other and our daughter Montana Louise Dunn.
Through all that, life has in store for us as a family unit.

Our world has been filled with a new meaning as every day is a superbly happy adventure since we Warren and Martina fell in love and now we have another branch our baby-child daughter Montana Louise Dunn as her laughter her beauty is lovelier than any flowers, her being will bring more joy and love for lighting up our lives.”
From your Father and Mother

Love was all around with the Parents and the Grandparents, Great Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles, cousins and friends they were over the moon with love. Phones were ringing and the computer never stopped with emails being sent from all the computers and coming in, it is a girl, it is a girl, what a gift.

Response from Montana Louise Dunn

“I your daughter Montana Louise Dunn choose you my Father and Mother to be my parents.
I said, go seek out Mother and Father and say that I am coming even though the road of birth was not easy for you my Mother the hours can seem long and your heart and mind was reaching out for me to be born
So I was singing.
Wind of spices whose song ever filled with beauty then

I Montana Louise Dunn was born at 10.18 am Saturday 29th October 2007 when the morning star was still shining brightly on that morn.

I Montana was saying, “Oh hurry over the dark lands, and run upon the sea as seas and land will not divide us for my Mother and Father to be. Now wind of good courtesy I pray you to go to their window and to let them know; singing the time is here for your daughter Montana Louise Dunn, to be born and will come with the wind of love blowing all around, as love is everywhere.

Therefore, soon, O so soon your beloved daughter was with you

My wonderful Mother and Father With all my love

The heart of a child
Grant me oh my guardian angels, the heart of a child,
Pure and transparent as a spring:
A simple heart, which never harbors sorrows:
A heart glorious in self-giving
Tender in compassion;
A heart faithful and generous
That will never forget any good
On the other hand, bear a grudge for any evil.

From your Grandparents Caroline and Charlie Smith, Narell and Ronald Dunn and God-parents, extended family and friends

The most wonderful present in our lives was you our granddaughter
Goddaughter and friend

As we will all be walking and talking together, hand in hand in this beautiful world of ours called earth,
You our darling grandchild we will be wonderful friends as well as family
We would be there for you if you were to fall, and your life will be ever changing and ever growing with the knowledge of life
We knew when you were born, it was destiny…nothing can shake this family apart
As you Montana Louise Dunn, you are as fair as the morning star of the misty morn, and the star roving to the skies end waiting for the sun;
Clearer at the days end; but Montana is fairer and dearer
As she is our hearts friend and our Granddaughter

We will now go on with the Baby-Child Naming

I will ask the parents Warren Keith Dunn and Martina Louise Smith to come to the Font with their Baby /child Montana

And the Godparents namely, the Godfather Ronald Wayne Dunn and Godmother Michelle Louise Bradley

Also the Grandparents, Caroline and Charlie Smith, Narell and Ronald Dunn

Oh Higher One we turn to Thee with thankful hearts for these Thy children, Warren, Martina and their baby child Montana Louise Dunn, who is still a baby with lots of knowledge.

The miracle sent from Thee to this loving couple Warren and Martina and we ask that you help them that they may be wise, patient, and with total understanding in the enfoldment of their child which we do know that they have the love and understanding for their family unit and for
Montana Louise Dunn, of the infant mind and care of the growing body
Give Warren and Martina the parents and the Godparents their names being;

Ronald Wayne Dunn and Michelle Louise Bradley
Grandparents and all who are in this loving circle
Drawing them very close to the family unit so that they will all benefit and will give the very best and ever dwell in unconditional love
Under Thy Protection forevermore

To the Godparents of Montana Louise Dunn

Do you the Godfather Ronald Wayne Dunn
And the Godmother Michelle Louise Bradley
Are you both willing too accept this serious commitment, this responsibility to be there for your Godchild
Montana Louise Dunn

With all of your unconditional love in such a way for any emotional and psychical support for this said, Baby child and the parents of
Montana Louise Dunn, Warren Keith Dunn and Martina Louise Smith
Answer: We both promise to be there for our Godchild
Montana Louise Dunn and for her parents, Warren Keith Dunn and Martina Louise Smith, with our love always
Our love to you both
Moreover, for the grandparents I know within my heart and soul that your love is with your children and grandchild
Please light your candles so that the light of love with sunshine will be with you all
Every day on every way So Be It
So therefore to the Parents and the Godparents, and Grandparents and all who are present
Repeat after me
Christian names only
We all agree to call you Montana Louise so therefore we name you “Montana Louise”

“I would like to place the *Sign of protection
With this small branch from the olive tree that has been mingled with the living waters of the higher ones from our universe
Just on the top of your head Montana Louise Dunn in sure certainty that you will remain safe and knowing, you are a child of the universe and the earth.
“O Morning star! When you look down upon us, give us all sleep and refreshing sleep. Great Spirit! Bless our families, our baby child, friends, and visitors through a happy life.
May our trails lie straight and level before us
Let us live to be old
We are all your children and we ask these things with good hearts.” So Be It

From Montana Louise Dunn

Let me speak as a child
Let me capture the pure spirit of a loving child
When I speak your name my loving guardian angels
Let me speak my words as a child does speak, asking little of myself, much for other souls
In addition, your beautiful world
Protect me Montana,
Moreover, my loving parents Warren and Martina lead us all to the hands of good work.
Let me praise you in simple words and in glorious silence through all of the days and nights with your protection when sleeping and waking forevermore for all of us and our family Grandparents and Godparents So Be It.

We will now commence with the signing of theBaby-Child Naming CertificatesFor Montana Louise Dunn

Moreover the Godparents Creed for
Montana Louise Dunn
You’re Birth Certificate No.
Registration No. put in after
Let it be known that Montana Louise Dunn along with the guidance of her parents Warren Keith Dunn and Martina Louise Smith will be able to choose her own religion with all the rites from the Higher One.

With all my unconditional love to Montana, her Parents, the Grandparents, and the Godparents, and to all that are here

Signed Reverend Norma-jean-Morrison ______________________________________A4410

Reverend Norma-Jean Morrison
This Saturday the First day of November 2010

On this page is your full tree of knowledge the family tree

From your Father and Mother

renewed 2012

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