“To be born then to Die”

“To be born then to Die”

Each one of us has to come through a milestone
Of miseries to be born
And live that life with misery
Not knowing why, and not outgrowing it

Till death why
Sometimes a long, long life
Until our bodies are so decayed and our smile is so painful
Like waiting for Mr. Death too come and say I am ready for you

Then you can be young and strong and still that death knock can be knocking for you

So talk about reincarnation it’s a pain in the rectum

What kind of school are we all going through?
From the cradle to the grave
We just keep going even when we pass over
Our mission is to guide soul’s home to where we are

I am so boring that I find this life to ridiculous
And myself being stricken with what I have
Since I was born

And I believed that I could nurse others which I have done
And pull them through

And I keep repeating this over and over

Well Mr. Death, let me off your hook
As no more funerals I do for you
As someone will have to do mine
You have made me so tired and angry
Goodnight and out of my space

Normaje 29th September 2009
August 3, 2011
all my love Normaje

And now we are in 2013


  • Rickster1
    Rickster1about 3 years ago

    Poignant and Sad NJ
    Nobody’s life is meaningless in the true sense ~ It appears at times throughout the journey that, life is an endless task of giving to others beyond the self?
    True but the wealth of affection that you clearly receive here on RB alone is tribute to a life less ordinary.
    Take care NJ and lift up the presense, for you have been gifted with a foresight of passion in the failings of Mankind to be able to enlighten those less fortunate. x
    Wishing you well on the road to perfection of the being today
    Best regards
    Rick B

  • I will be fine tomorrow, my pod calf was stolen jet black nearly 3 days old, then another Jersey cow, and my dog died, one of them so feeling down and i know i love you all here and always will, just going through a storm of bad luck as i love all my animals as they are like children too me…alll my love Rick and i will be back to me….Normaje

    – Norma-jean Morrison

  • sure2010
    sure2010about 3 years ago

    It is straight talk from the heart…i respect each word of it….a strong soul can only say with all these words…you understand much…much…better about LIFE than any one else…the one who feels pain for others life…means understand the LIFE

  • my friend Suresh,,,sorry for late reply, I thank you..I thank you…with my reality of life always

    – Norma-jean Morrison

  • lisameryl
    lisamerylabout 3 years ago

    Normaje, sending big hugs to you…this is deeply understandable and heartfelt…peace and love with you and yours always, Lisa =)XO

  • Lisameryl, my love and I am so late in answering…life sometimes is not my picnic…I will survive..as I have a lot going on…..I thank you always with my Heart

    – Norma-jean Morrison

  • Betty Smith_Voce
    Betty Smith_Voceabout 3 years ago

    You ask the age old question… and that my dear is why we are here… to try and understand it. Sadly no one will ever find the reason… Here is to wishing you some good luck…

  • Betty Smith_Voce…..my forgiveness for not seeing this your comment,..a lot will not find the answer..I have done more studies into this….I will let this go to sleep, my appreciation, love and my Heart…

    – Norma-jean Morrison

  • Redviolin
    Redviolinabout 3 years ago

    Beautiful Norma

  • Redviolin…..my forgiveness for this very late reply…I send my love, my all my Heart..always to you…

    – Norma-jean Morrison

  • Karen  Helgesen
    Karen Helgesenabout 3 years ago

    Very well said and so expressive of your deeply felt compassion for those who suffer. Life can suck sometimes…big time and during those times we ( or at least I) wonder, “What’s the point of living if this is all there is and in the end we just die anyway?” Then…out of the blue something wonderful happens. It is almost always a small thing…not like winning millions of dollars, but things like hearing your grandson tell you how pretty you are and how much he loves you. Suddenly all that unhappiness that went before vanishes…it is rather like having a baby. Horrible when you are in labor…and completely forgotten once you hold that precious sweet new baby in your arms….

  • Karen..my forgiveness…for late reply.. as I can understand what you mean…as when my little son was born..I was in a state of Happiness and I still am to this day..all love always

    – Norma-jean Morrison

  • Anivad - Davina Nicholas
    Anivad - Davin...about 3 years ago

    So deep and poignant, many of us will wonder about the mystery of life and death many a time…

  • Anivad-Davin, sorry for late reply……..all my love and appreciation now and always

    – Norma-jean Morrison

  • michael kenny
    michael kennyabout 2 years ago

    Beautiful work.

  • Michael Kenny…know a lot more now then when I first put this up……I want to thank you for putting me on your watch-list and for this comment, all appreciation and goodness from my heart…..

    – Norma-jean Morrison