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  • Mark Batten-O'Donohoe
    Mark Batten-O'...almost 3 years ago

    Hi Jordan, not sure if I told you – but recently I was down the coast, while better half was off having a swim I was doing some photography, not on the beach, but in a park behind the beach. All of a sudden I was physically restrained by 3 lifeguards, while a 4th searched the contents of my SD card. One of them said in a very loud voice, while there were many members of the public around “we’ve got the pedophile”. When all they found on my camera was shots of buildings, 7 frames of a tree, about 5 frames of a bush turkey building a nest, and about 5 frames of a surf boat, they were even grumpier, no apology, nothing. I hadn’t even taken a ‘beach’ shot. I didn’t get asked nothing… 3 guys & a girl from the surf club just walk up and bammo, being physically restrained by 3 guys was not fun.. I was insulted because, 1, I’m averagely porky, did they think I was going to try and do a runner?? But I never even got a chance to be nice… they had made 2 assumptions, 1) I was a pedophile, 2) I was guilty.
    And to think I had lunch at that club the day before – I’m never going back to Rainbow Beach SLSC again.
    They threatened to call the police, I wish they had, a lawyer friend has told me what they did amounts to assault and public defamation.
    I"m now very careful when I take my camera in public. Apparently if you’re middle-aged, porky and male,.. you’re obviously a pedophile… even if you’re not taking pics of kiddies – what a twisted world we live in.

  • Damn! Pardon my language Marky…But your experience boils my piss!!!!

    I’m quite pissed that you had to experience something like that!

    – Jordan Miscamble

  • BreeDanielle
    BreeDaniellealmost 3 years ago

    Dear Mark,
    I’m sorry to hear about your story – we do live in such a twisted world..
    I hope it never happens again..
    Cheers, Bree

  • Hi Bree, thanks for popping in!

    – Jordan Miscamble

  • Jenni Tanner
    Jenni Tanneralmost 3 years ago

    OMG if I was one of those policemen, I would have arrested him just for wasting their time!! I truly believe that we should be able to take images of streets, buildings etc but in this situation, I believe the police and security guards may have been in the right. This guy was clearly testing the boundaries and provoking the police to see how far they would go – I notice he stopped just short of getting himself detained. Since 9/11 security is much tighter around high risk targets. In this situation he was asked quite politely to stop filming and he was given the reasons why. I get so annoyed with people who want to do this type of thing – it’s not like he wanted to photograph the ground floor of this building, he was there to stir trouble. This is a totally different scenario to the one Mark was talking about above. Mark was innocently taking photos in a public place and was attacked in an inappropriate manner by people who assumed the worst. If I was Mark, and was attacked like that I would have reported it and made a formal complaint to both the police and the surf club!
    As a street photographer I am able to take candid shots of buildings, the street and the people in it. However, sometimes I feel the need to ask permission to photograph people in certain circumstances. If they say no, I move on to something else. If it is a private building and I am asked not to photograph it, I also move on. It’s just commonsense! Just because I have a camera, I do not assume it is my god given right to photograph everything in sight – especially after I have been asked not to take photographs.

    Sorry about the rant, but sometimes I get so annoyed with what people assume to be their right.

  • Gets the anger gland kicking in Jenni! Like you I love taking street shots and I am not going to be put off or put in an unfair situation. Thanks for popping in, greatly appreciated.

    – Jordan Miscamble

  • Jordan Miscamble
    Jordan Miscamblealmost 3 years ago

    I’ve only ever been stopped and questioned once! I was outside the QLD State Library building near the GOMA entrance and someone from the library just simply stated that I couldn’t photograph the library building. Seems the GOMA building was OK though.

  • leapdaybride
    leapdaybridealmost 3 years ago

    WOW! British police are so polite! They never touched him or even raised their voices! He would have surely been manhandled to the ground and cuffed in the States! NOT that I agree with them. I feel very paranoid when shooting in public. I certainly don’t want my equipment taken or destroyed!

    Thanks for sharing, very interesting vid.

  • Cheers for the visit leapdaybride!

    – Jordan Miscamble

  • miroslava
    miroslavaalmost 3 years ago

    Yes it is terrible when civil liberties are hiding behind terrorism, and what happen to you Mark at the beach is terrible…… there are punks out there who think they the law, they are cops are there who make the law to fit them as clearly happen in the video, when you are on the street , at the shop, or anywhere where public person can walk by law you have a right to take pics, its call a comunism when these rights are taken away – petifiles still getting there photos anyway, and therorrist get their information probably a lot better way then arguing with cops, and the laws are being used to take civil rights of a person away….sad !