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Shucked... the coffee house

Feels like an eternity since I’ve had time to browse RB. / My partner and I have been busy creating a cafe in Brisbane… / We just opened up last week with a vintage industrial fitout and have our first review up today.. / If you are in Brisbane please drop in at shucked and say hello! / Cheers / Naomi
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SAVING YOUR FLOOD DAMAGED PHOTOS / IMPORTANT FIRST STEPS… / 1. Carefully remove all photos from soggy albums and separate from each other. You will probably need to use a razor or sharp blade to cut them out of the album pages as they may get damaged by trying to slide them out of plastic sleeves. / 2. Fill the bath or sink and put them all in there to keep wet until you can rinse them off …
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Matt Mawsons tribute to bubbler… iAN who passed away today :(
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Perth location shoot suggestions please

Anyone have any suggestions for locations for portrait shoots in Perth? / Somewhere central with interesting textures/colours/structures….. not very fussy am I? ;) / Naomi
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