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This place is really starting to bum me out.

Censorship…or should i say censorshit!

Now the RB front page caused quite a stir recently…gosh, i hate when art causes a stir…and makes people feel or want to respond, geez…made to think or challenged, how dare you! If RB has one flaw, it attracts a proportion of its audience that is apathetic and passive. This is because of the very nature of being able to see art and the world from the safety of your lounge room through that anonomous eyepiece that is your monitor. Don’t get me wrong, it also has a lot of positives in this too, but this is the inherent duality.

I do understand that there is always a line that must be drawn i appreciate that, a line that has consent and the like within it for sure… but it should be a liberal line and should include questioning existence. The recent Bill Henson (art vs pornography) issue showed us this. In the end not everyone saw eye to eye on the issue…yes, as if that wasn’t inevitable… but the law defined that nothing illegal was within his work and it was returned.

Let us ALL make equitable laws and even allow them to be challenged. Then when something is deemed illegal, sure it gets stomped on. But let us not apologise for raising questions or it will become the damning evidence to our extinction…reflecting our lack of acceptance and flexibility.

I’m sure it is extremely hard to find the line to draw in the sand because at the end of the day you can’t please everybody. Hence subcultures are created and in this macro environment on RB, things such as the groups formed. Now if RB is to be inclusive ALL these groups must have the opportunity to be represented in areas such as the front cover. Now i do seem to recall an overtly patriotic American front cover on…hmm… was it the fourth of july… at a guess? Patriotism is often used as a powerful tool that allows governments to NOT have do things such as conscription or national service. But you didn’t see the people who are anti war jumping up and down.

The irony is that if the front page on RB was anti war and people are complaining?! Why? Do you support war?

People made five main things clear in Peters thread with his apology.

1. Most people were in support of the said homepage, well those who took the time to respond and want to see homepages like this thrown into the general mix. If one day the whole front is religious, i’m sure these same people won’t be complaining. I say don’t stand for one, stand for all!

2. Some people argued that it was anti the Iraq war. Who exactly is for war? One comment even said this is a senseless war in their defence of removing the front page. Surely you would be for the messages being shown then? Stop this senselessness.

3. And saddest of all, another view was don’t offend your audience…your market. WTF?! Governments get dictated too by capitalism…and its called corruption. And not to mention along with this view, there were suggestions we not make art about religion, war or politics.

Now call me crazy but i suggest we don’t stop making art about war, religion or politics but instead we learn to be more accepting that others may have a different view to that of our own. I don’t want to be a part of a site purely about flowers and sunsets. Perhaps we should burn down the Sistine chapel as it art supports the Christian belief system. Religion goes right back to the roots of art…and will always have its place in art. And who is going to destroy Picasso’s Guernica as it was a social comment about the civil war. Should he have been silenced?

We have voices so we can use them. We may never see eye to eye, but the least we can do is listen and accept the views of others. Not shout them down. That breeds dictatorships.

Art is not and should not be allowed to be dictated by the American bible belt, patriotism, capitalism, political agendas or radicals. Art should be used to embrace personal expression… even some expressions and ideas that you or i may not agree with, to which you create a constructive dialogue around. Its NOT about conversion…but rather honestly being open minded and willing to accept or reject new ideas. Listening and looking at the art and ideas of your peers! Thinking!

Finally, maybe art should be not about money! Because when money is the main motivation for creating then all this shit is stirred up as in most things in life. I choose to offend the audience at times, while at others i may nurture them. If this artwork offends anyone that is American…then talk to me about it.

But keep in mind YOUR constitutional right to free speech!

This artwork is a response to the Anti Iraq war images being apologised for on the front page. There are just as many people who think the reason for the war on Iraq was motivated by other reasons such as oil and power. And i have not seen one work showing a soldier with blood on his hands… because the people making these artworks know its is the governments and large bodies/groups with power and sway, responsible not the individuals serving their countries.

My artwork here is about how agendas get hijacked, due to money and power, etc. And America is the current symbol for this issue to me. In the past it may have been the british empire, rome and others. In the future it might go to new players. But right now America is the symbol i associate with.

And i target not the people in a rascist manner, rather the countries policies.

So if you like this artwork tell me, and if you don’t tell me also why not, i would like to hear your views.

But don’t try and censor free speech!

ps- if you got through this well done! i feel much better now! Have a nice day!!! ; )


  • Ross Robinson
    Ross Robinsonover 6 years ago

    Hear hear! Well written and well illustrated. Top stuff.

  • thickblackoutline
    thickblackoutlineover 6 years ago

    you know i actually think this piece is very different for you….. its deeper than usual, and makes me think…… all about creation, and now its “you” who creates your world, and yadda yadda :)

  • u101
    u101over 6 years ago

    Some people will always sleep…
    I feel sorry for the ‘offended’, they’re so paranoid that everyone hates them…not understanding that its their governments foreign policy, that’s highly offensive to the vast majority of the planet.
    Ha…They should try be English…the whole world detests us,as people and as a goverment lol….

    Oh, brilliant T as usual :))

  • jemimalovesbigted
    jemimalovesbigtedover 6 years ago

    Finally, maybe art should be not about money! Because when money is the main motivation for creating then all this shit is stirred up as in most things in life.

    This is what bothers me the most and why I think about why those complaints have had such a sway…. the motivation to create art should NEVER be about money in my opinion….

    Thank you for putting this up Glen!

  • LostBoy
    LostBoyover 6 years ago

    draw a turtle.

  • Juilee  Pryor
    Juilee Pryorover 6 years ago

    this is a work of pure genius nofrills….. you’ve hit it exactly….. apologizing for an anti-war homepage makes me cringe just thinking about it…… and the pandering to certain people here who like to complain long and loud when their interests are not parmount and threaten lawsuits and all that is way scare.y way way scarey. good one and good on you….. brilliant work…..

  • rubyred
    rubyredover 6 years ago

    On the money Glen. Some people are blinkered by their opinions and don’t want to, and are unable to see a different perspective. And currently on this site there seems to be a touch of mob mentality where journals and comments are used to try and gain momentum to a particular way of thinking, encouraging people to ‘report’ rather than enter into debate. The idea of this type of art not having a place on this site really bothers me, I don’t want to be a member of a sanitised flowers and sunsets community. Long may people like yourself have the right to use art as a way to express feelings on current affairs, within and on the homepage of RedBubble. Keep it up Glen, I’ll support you and any other who stands against censorship.

  • deliriousgirl
    deliriousgirlover 6 years ago

    I wholly agree with everything you’ve said. The current culture of Americanism is: if it’s not like you and your beliefs, morals, or values, then stomp it until it conforms. I do hate this knee-jerk mentality, which is precisely what it it, because as you have so eloquently pointed out most of the folks who commented negatively do NOT EVEN UNDERSTAND the issue or the art or the expression that was meant to be made.

    Damn, at least know why you’re against something, jesusfuckinchrist, ignorance abounds everywhere it seems, and NOT just in the bible-belt, where I currently reside.

  • John Robb
    John Robbover 6 years ago

    I was wondering when someone would point out Picasso’s Guernica and it’s relevance to recent things here on the bubble. Point well made Glen.

  • Danny
    Dannyover 6 years ago

    On friday afternoon I BMailed Scott and said “they finally did a decent homepage”
    I logged on saturday and got the impression something was wrong. Sunday I find an aftermath that led to this.
    Go figure.
    Usually it hppens and you can just ignore it, but like you Glen when it’s a bit closer to home you tend to get your back up.
    Well written and it’s good to see you showing us how much you really are embedded into the art scene.
    As for the Tee …I was thinking of some item that would express how this whole thing came across to me and you sure as hell nailed it.
    So I will support yours fully and frankly.

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