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Street Salon Installation

Hey There!
Just thought i would give an update on the Street Salon project that i was pimping round here a while back. I know a few RB folk were kind enough to take the time to take part. So here is the update…

The basic concept:
The Street Salon installation that I coordinated with David Dellafiora for the Geelong Arts Alliance is now up in central Geelong. Street Salon is a community art project where the elite salon exhibitions of the past are turned on their head by allowing access to all and displaying every artwork submitted in a shop front with 24hr access for the general public to easily view. Street Salon is a democratic artwork about participating in the arts, while also renewing the streetscape and filling one of the empty shops affecteted by ecconomic impacts such as the global financial crisis. Artworks were created by untrained artists, school students, people with disabilities, local artists as well as artists from interstate and overseas.

All works are shown together as equals!

In total we received about 150 artworks for the display.
The installation can be found at: Shop 110 Lt Malop Street, Geelong.
It will be up for about two weeks. So thanks again to those who took part, and thanks also to the City of Greater Geelong for funding this project.


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