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What is digital art ?

I found this interesting article online : / [Quote] “Digital art is simply art created with the aid of the computer. Just as there are many traditional media and genres for an artist to choose from (pictures in oils, charcoal, pastels, watercolors… sculptures in stone, clay, metal…) with digital art there are many possible choices.” / Of Fractals and Art on Fractalus.com g…
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The Fractal Art Manifesto

“fractal rendering is the essence of determinism” /   /   / Perhaps now is an opportune time to make a defining statement about what is (and what is not) Fractal Art. (by Kerry Mitchell)
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MATHEMATICS AND ART - how Jackson Pollock is considered making fractal art

‘There is an art to mathematics and a mathematics to art.’ / (Hany Farid, computer scientist at Dartmouth University in Hanover, N.H.) / Unfortunately this article is now only available to subscrbers of this news site / Fortunately, Archive archived the article. / According to a february 2007 article from sciencenews.org, titled Fractal or Fake? / Novel art-authentication method is c…
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Fractal Junk Food ?

HAS ULTRA FRACTAL BECOME THE WALMART OF FRACTAL ART ? / I haven’t finished reading this but couldn’t help mentionning it on redbubble, as I’d be very interested to find some FRACTAL threads around here ! / It’s called Has Ultra Fractal become the Walmart of fractal art? / I wonder if some people who have no clue about how fractal art is made could find interest in such rea…
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