i have forgotten

i stand unattracted to the point of the past
what was it that i did or thought or got so worked up about
who am i
what is it that i am
i seem to be slipping away
unable to hold on
i remember i was called something a name what was it
i forgot ,oh well
my wings have unravelled and now they sit behind me
now i sit differently and command
and find a new name attached to my lapel
my personality once i remembered well but it seems to have slipped away as well
i walk between the shadows of people blending into each thought but remaining me
i walk amongst the sick without being effected and the dying without fear
i walk on all dimentions in any direction enjoying what is before me
i have forgotten to be conformed and let the lines be directional without my cause
i have jumped now without thought care or probe of thought
i have landed with a splash
now i am covered with love
i am only love

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