I currently live in Florida. Not by choice though. Homesick for home in the mountains of NE Georgia, God’s Country. I love being around bodies of water. They say it’s good for the soul. I BELIEVE it. I love my Father which art in heaven, family and my friends and my animals. Hope you enjoy what I see and sometimes what I don’t see!

Since becoming a member of RB I’ve become an addict! I find that I’m looking everywhere I go to find things to Shoot. I stay up really late at night just to see what others have posted for the day so I can get my fix. Lord help me.
Thanks goes out to my friend Chelei for turning me on to this site.

I use an OLYMPUS SP-590UZ with a 26X Optical zoom and a 26mm Wide angle lense.
I AM A AMATURE. Please feel free to be critical cause I can take it. It will only help me to be better!

  • Joined: September 2010