How many of You know...

that you can vote on issues here @Red Bubble and that you can suggest ideas for others to vote on too? Yeah over at the forum section under your community tab go to the Red Bubble Ideas and Suggestions link and it takes you to site powered by UserVoice and there is where the real fun begins. Here is a link to an idea I suggested about getting the name of the artist who creates the HomePage Layouts to get credit. I mean after all it’s a lot of work, altho fun, I’m sure, for them to link everything and make it POP so when others come to Red Bubble that’s the first thing they see, is all this wonderful, beautiful, fantastic art that we all create and hope to become famous for, (ok everybody LOL really big now).
Hopefully the more we all vote and the more who join in will make this Red Bubble of ours the Best Art Site on the WorldWideWeb.
Peace and Much Abundance,

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