I am no expert, but love trying to capture moments or images that strike me. I enjoy looking at other people’s pictures; especially those that make me think or smile, tell a story or share an emotion and I find it fascinating seeing so many interpretations of the world we share.

I would love more time to experiment with my camera and learn more about photography, so any comments, are very welcome!

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Thank you to the buyer of L'Arc

Thank you so much for buying one of my cards! I am really delighted :-)
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Wishing much happiness, health and fun to you and yours for Christmas and the new year… / Nix xxx
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Thank you... Red Bubble user!!

Hello, / Thank you so much for buying my cards; ‘Enchantment’ and ‘Balance in Colour.’ / So glad you liked them, you have made my day!! / Nix xx
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My first sale!! Thank you ???

Thank you so much!! Logged in to find I had my first sale today of five cards :-) :-) / Cards sold include; ‘Tranquility,’ ‘By the Lake,’ and ‘Tower in the shadows.’ / I am so excited, if I wasn’t off work sick, I would be jumping up and down! / Thank you again and best wishes to the person/people who have made my day, / Nix :-)
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