M .xaythani, Lao People'S Democratic Republic

Taking pHotOs is the best WaY to remember a places and what we have done, and who have ever met. I can not find other way better than...

Heart to Heart

It seems not so hard for do some thing by heart as the below said
Heart to heart , Facing upawardsto the heavens, He and I in the internal stillness
We have be come cell/ island / earth/ star gallaxy. Solitary being floating island
reaching paradise Imagine just imagine if there were no water in the sea what would become of island?!!! and if there were no void between stars what of galaxies?!!! would we perceive then, a continuing connective field of earth and light seamless, united one!
by Lita Albuqerque
sorry for who have ever read before , however hope you happy to read it again

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