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EXCITING NEWS!! YEAH!! Come one and all!

So, I’m in an exhibition. 4 of my photos are going to be displayed at Guildford Lane Gallery, 20-24 Guildford Lane, Melbourne. It’s near Melbourne Central Station. / Opening night is Thursday 23/4, 6pm. Late notice yeah, but if anyone wants to come down to a sweet little gallery and have a look at a bunch of photos, some of which are mine, and say hi, you’re more than welcome…
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Halftone Patterns for Photoshop

Alright, I’ve made some patterns for Photoshop. / Halftone.zip includes 4 .PAT files: / Red, Green and Blue all contain 4 patterns: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. / To use, put them on layers above one another, and set the blending modes on all the layers to darken. When viewed from a distance, they should be seen as whatever colour the set is. / RGB.PAT contains Red, Green and Blue all …
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To whoever got my picture on the homepage. Ta.
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Help me with type?

Hey all. I’m making a new graphic for a tee, but I’m looking to put some words on it as well. Problem is, I’ve done the graphic, but I’m rubbish at drawing words, so if anyone wants to give it a shot, I’d be grateful. / is the graphic. / It should say “Such Plentiful Organs” somewhere. I’ve been putting it in the top left, but wherever is good.
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