Sold over 220 Items here on REDBUBBLE ~ "Thank you EVERYONE "~ I am very grateful :)

“I was born on Earth ,
Grew up on a flower farm,
Have Italian Parents,
I can’t cook,
I lived outdoors as a child,
I have worked for small companies and big companies.
I have 4 creative children.
I have worked with different famous and important people.
I wanted to make my own mark in this world.
I have found my marker and I am colouring the world with my passion,
This is what I do this is what I love…

Nina :)

I am flickr and FB too
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***SOLD Images ***

I would like to say “BIG THANK YOU” to the lovely people who took the time to purchase my OVER 220 images/Cards/ Prints. / Thanks you for appreciating my ART:)
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