• Vestque
    Vestqueover 4 years ago

    Doll Head = Spooky
    Zombie Baby = Terrifying
    Zombie Baby > Doll Head
    Yeah, I agree, it doesn’t add up :P

  • I’m just glad I’m not crazy…you can never be to sure:D

    – ninamarie

    ROUBLE RUSTover 4 years ago

    I think they are both creepy as hell!

  • That was my thought as well…maybe it was to creepy:)

    – ninamarie

  • Edzie
    Edzieover 4 years ago

    Maybe a Zombie Baby with a dolls head would suffice?? Or a doll holding a zombie baby……I think I’m going too far now.
    Yeah, I dont get it either my sweet. I know your work you are talking about and it is certainly Halloween. :-\

  • Thank you for helping me vent! :D Zombies always make me think of Halloween…but I am a bit strange. My Halloween baby loves zombies way more than witches, werewolves, and (gasp) even vampires.

    – ninamarie

  • daisy1348
    daisy1348over 3 years ago

    We love your work.

  • :)

    – ninamarie