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Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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I was born in 1959 and have always enjoyed photography – probably because, though my drawings were accurate nobody could say without a prompt, who the subject was! If they already knew, then people would say that I’d “got their eyes”, or suchlike – which prompted me to try photography.

Apart from anything else, it’s a damn-sight quicker than drawing – and more-accurate. That said, I don’t really photograph many people, enjoying instead landscapes (my beloved waterfall on the River Almond in Cramond, especially, or the architecture of Leith). Oh, and my dog. As you can see from my ‘avatar’: Alfie. Bless him – he was put to sleep June 15th at 20 years’ old, 2013.

I have been published internationally and will continue my freelance work. I intend writing a book, with Alfie as the star. I seriously doubt if I have every cried so much. I shall always love Alfie and the photographs online or in my home (and elsewhere) can testify to the fact that he is and always will be my greatest friend.

Yeah. I’m in bits,

Remember me with a smile
For this is how I’ll remember you all
If you remember me with sadness
Then don’t remember me at all.

(This is what my Mum said shortly before a sudden heart attack – her third – took her from our lives in 2004, just a day after her wedding anniversary. The only one I forgot to send her flowers “from Dad”, who died when I was ‘only’ 26..)

Thanks for your support and comments. If you’ve never lost a dog: you haven’t the slightest-idea on losing your pet – especially Alfie who was TWENTY when he was ‘put to sleep: I haven’t felt so bad in a long time. I cried as I wrote his story (excuse the pun). Something I have now completed – whether anyone will publish it, is yet to be discovered.

We have got a Collie (from the Edinburgh Dog & Cat Home, of course). He was “Less than 2”, when I bought him. And called “Brodie”. I thought of ‘The Prime of’ Miss Jean Brodie’ – which was set in set in Cramond.. And don’t forget “my” waterfall, where [most of] Alfie’s ashes were cast….

Kismet or what?

The original ‘idea’ that I was allergic to Brodie prompted my Doctor to suggest something (after numerous pills and drops) – I have since had my eyes retested and I’m not allergic, just using the computer too much and/or with the wrong prescription!

I so miss Alfie. I shall try and make this one last as long as the last ‘rescue dog’ though! The first chapter of the book I’ve written is my only entry in the ‘journal’ section.

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