I’ve just graduated college in PA with a bachelor degree in Physics, and have become interested in the math lurking behind fractal art. From that interest, i’ve discovered some amazing programs and i’m working on some pretty fun pictures.

If you’re interested in seeing anymore of my work, I have it all posted here -


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New Tutorial for Apophysis 3D (Xaos techniques)

I have written and posted a tutorial concerning recent techniques that i’ve used in my recent posts. It is on the xaos bubbles, and can be found at deviantart: http://nightmares06.deviantart.com/art/Xaos-Bubbles-Tutorial-108613382
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New Apophysis 3D version - 2.08!

For christmas today, zueuk has released a wonderful new apophysis to use! Read about it here: http://zueuk.deviantart.com/journal/22176838/ / Does a happy dance
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Just a brief notice, I won’t be around after the 6th of july for about a week and a half. I’ll be going on a nice vacation and attending two of my best friends marraige. After that I’ll be back to normal :) Enjoy the nice weather :D
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