I am a new photography student who is trying to put herself through college. I am also newly married and trying to start a family.

I believe in the beauty of all things and the magick of all around us. Magick is life. I see things that maybe noone else sees, but what is beauty… At times you have to look deeper to see it. I am Pagan so I think that allows me to see deeper into the spirits of nature. They create the scenes that I see. I just hope I do them justice.

I love to take photos of just about anything that really catches my eyes. I admit that I do love to take pictures in cemetaries because I believe that the dead should never be forgotten fore they are with us always, in our hearts and souls.

I am new to the whole photo editing process so if anyone has some encouraging suggestions for software that may be good, I’m all ears.

  • Age: 37
  • Joined: October 2007


I'm back!

I have been MIA for while. I have been working really hard on my business and now I am back in full force. I have a ton of new photos as well as some photo shoots lined up. So keep an eye open for some new stuff!
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I would just like to welcome all who come and take a look at what makes my life meaningful. It really means the world to me to know that someone really likes the work that I put my heart into. So, come, look and maybe something will grow on you and you can’t leave without. I am always taking pictures and will add more as often as I can. / I am a student at the New York Institute of Photo…
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