Hello there! My name is Jet. I hope that you enjoy my work!

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My First Sale!

Thank you to whoever bought the ‘Tea Time for Hedgehog’ sticker! You are the first person besides my mother who has bought any of my work, and I feel somewhat legitimized as an artist! I hope you enjoy it! _
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I’m so excited that my piece ‘Addax in Love’ has been “Found” by RB. I’m so thankful to have been featured, especially since I’ve been here less than a week. If anyone sees this because they found me on the front page, I’d like to say, “Hi! I hope you like my work!” And a great big thanks to the curator who chose my art, whoever you …
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Hello, everyone! *shakes your hand*

I just joined RedBubble today! I hope you enjoy my work. I’m planning to make all my pieces available in all the product options soon, but I haven’t figured out how to use the templates yet. In the meantime, if you see something you like and want it as something other than a print, send me a BubbleMail and I’ll see if I can get what you want available right away. I hope you …
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