Nigel Bangert

Nigel Bangert

Harlow, Essex, United Kingdom

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Mark Bangert

My brother, who lives in Germany has joined Redbubble in the last few days. He is busy uploading images at the moment. There are some superb landscapes including ones of a frozen waterfall. You can find his portfolio here if you’d like to have a look at his work.

Northern Landscape Magazine Article

Northern Landscape Group run by João Figueiredo produces an online magazine each month, highlighting members work and publishing articles on photography as well as general interest about the northern countries of our planet. Last year in Solo Exhibition Group I had the opportunity to produce a work in one of their workshops, the result of this endeavour was Turning Back the Doodlebugs.

In the January issue of Northern Landscape Magazine João has kindly published an article explaining the inspiration for this work with links on how it was created. The magazine is a very interesting read and if you live in the northern countries of the world why not join one of the most exciting and lively groups on RB. If not the magazine is well worth a look anyway.

Poetry and Creative Writing

For the last three years or so I have had an account on here under a pseudonym which has been for poetry and creative writing.
I started to write when I was around 16, about the same time I became interested in photography and art. I have been published about sixty times in various books and magazines as well as on the internet, but never used my real name on RB as I wanted to keep it separate from my photography for personal reasons.
I have always been a bit secretive about writing, but having been published it is no great secret anyway, so I have changed the name to Nigel Bangert but will still keep my account separate. There is photography which is shared on both sites, so now people will know it hasn’t been stolen!!

Solo Exhibition Collaboration

by Spiritinme

Eyemouth Harbour
by Nigel Bangert

I have been part of a collaboration through Solo Exhibition Group with Spiritinme who used my image of Eyemouth Harbour to produce a digital composite. I am grateful to Solo group for running workshops where artists can cooperate together to produce new images. It has helped me to see how other people work and what inspires them. Cynthia (Spiritinme) produced an amazing composition using her own images that transformed Eyemouth Harbour into a stormy scene which told a story through a poem which she also wrote, click on the image above to have a look. I really enjoyed this experience and since joining Solo have been stretched in my approach to photography and digital art. I have also met some great people along …

A Different Perspective

Eurofighter Typhoon
by Nigel Bangert

Having stood next to Colin Williams at several airshows this year, you would wonder if some of our shots came out looking the same. When Colin saw this image of mine from an airshow he wasn’t at he said he had ideas on how he would process it. So I sent it to him and said do your worst! The result was the two images above. Both processed very differently to my original bringing a new take on the overall effect of the cloud and afterburners of the Eurofighter. I think this shows that even if some images may look similar from the camera, the end result does allow for individual interpretaion with processing. An interesting experiment.

Thanks Half a Million!!

Half a million views clocked up here on RB. Thanks to all who came, saw, commented and even bought. I have found inspiration, friendship and a home for my work here like no other. Here’s to the second half!