h e y Y o u

yes you…the person that bought a matted print of P e r f e c t l y O r a n g e,
thank you very much!!

i hope you likey!

3 t o p t e n s

f r e e z e f r a m e in the It Floats challenge in the Mood and Ambiance group.

M a n u a l L a b o r in the Best of L
challenge in the Alphabet Soup group.

M e m o T o M e in the Now challenge in the Mood and Ambiance group.
A big congrats to the winners!!

h o m e p a g e

I just logged in and noticed that I am on the homepage. How exciting!
Thank you so much to who ever it was that picked my image to be a part of this great selection of art!


t w o t e e r i f f i c

a big thanks to the person that bought my T i n M a n tee yesterday

and the person that bought my L e f t M y H e a r t tee today

I really apprecite it!
hope you likey,

I m m e n s e l y s u r p r i s e d

Wow, i am shocked, stunned, oh and, most certainly, pleasantly surprised.
I just sold my first framed print ever, and a large one at that.
Thank you so much to the person that bought
Think Before You Speak

.also a thank you to the 2 people that bought my
L e f t M y H e a r t tees

and last but not least, the person that bought a
SHORIN-RYU karate tee

I hope you likey!!
Jen : )

s n e a k s

I received these in the mail from a very good rb friend who will be referred to as muffin!
I thought I would let you see the coolest pair of shoes on the planet.

thank you muffin : )

h o m e p a g e

Woke up this morning and found that I am on the homepage, woot.
It is with yellow snow, but hey, better than nothing.
Thank you to the homepage pickers!

f a t e

Thank you very much to the person that bought my
t w i s t e d f a t e tee. I really appreciate it!

and thank you to glox for buying my L e f t M y H e a r t tee

hope you likey! : )

a r r r g h

how can I test a tee and it’s loads fine and two
seconds later when I do it for real…….BLACK BOX???
I think maybe this should be my signature design, in all colors and people could just imagine a really cool black design inside the black box!
I see it so often, it’s kind of growing on me!!! : P

sorry about the non-existent stuff in your activity page!


f o u r

I don’t normally do feature journals, but I got four in one day which kind of overwhelms me.
Thank you so much to the group hosts for featuring my work!
D r . S e u s s in Love Love Love Group

s u p e r h e r o in Childhood & First Things Groups (and new avatar for First
Things Group!)

e y e o f t h e b e h o l d e r in Super Macro Photography Group


A big thank you to Drake445 for buying my B e Y o u tee.
(still no one has guessed this tee!)

and in raspberry no less…
what a trendsetting rebel you are!!
Don’t forget to send me a pic of you in it…plzzzzzz

Want some NORMAL?

Recently I have had quite a few people request that I upload a
“normal” picture of myself. So I thought I would do that now.
This first one was taken some time ago, when I was pregnant with
my daughter. Nothing like testing the stretchability of a tat! :)

This one is a much more recent pic of me taken at some family, holiday
gathering. I can’t remember which right now.

So now, there should be no more wondering what Jen looks like
sans tongue!


What the hell is up with the black squares on the tee uploads agian??
I thought this problem was fixed.

Sorry for filling your inbox with tees that aren’t really there!

Is it just me?

Is anyone else getting an error message when uploading tees? I have tried and tried and still the same outcome…ERROR. “it says it’s not my fault” HA!

A N D . . .

A big thanks to jakeeadie for buying my a m p e r s a n d tee. Nice thing to wake up to!

I’m going to San Francisco for the weekend. Have a great one and stay funny all you crazy people!!
Jen xxx


Thank you to the person that bought my f u n o r n o t tee 5 hrs ago!
I wouldn’t have even known if I didn’t get an Email, this new activity page is not working so well for me.

Anyway thanks so much…hope you enjoy it,


Ha, new that would get your attention!!
This is to thank the lovely person that bought my B l o w M e tee while I was snoozing last night.

The very nice person that just bought my f u n o r n o t tee!

I really appreciate it and would love to see pics of ANYONE who is brave enough to wear one of my tees…well, and admit it! :)

A few of my favorite things!

Thought I would share with you some of the things that keep me smiling. This is a shot of one of my smaller toy cabinets (I have quite a few). This one hangs on the wall right next to my computer desk. How could I not be happy and laugh all the time when surrounded by such wonderful things?

A good time for tees...

Thanks very much to the person that bought my F l y b y tee. I really appreciate it. Also through May all my profits are going to the victims of the Victoria bushfires, so I am very glad that I have been selling tees! Every little bit helps!!!

Funny this shirt was one click away from being removed last week!
Thanks again,

2 shirts 2 days

Thank you to the two people, that prefer to remain nameless, that bought my tees!

yesterday: L e f t M y H e a r t

today: t h w i m

Smiles to you,

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