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t h a n k i e s

Thank you to the person that bought my p e a c e tee

and to xenamom for buying my p i n k d e a t h tee

I appreciate it.
hope you likey,

d o u b l i n g $ ' s

Thank you to the person that bought my s w a g tee.

I have decided that along with sending my profit, I will double the amount. It’s still not much but every little bit helps…and they need so much help down there!!!

Money will be sent here
Thanks again,

s u n d a y

Wow on the homepage with c h e e r i o s
sold a t w o l i p s tee to Bobby Deal.
Thank you SO much Bobby!

Quite the good RB day.
Thanks again Bobby!

h o r i z o n t a l b u g

Thank you so much to the mystery person that bought a poster of
P e r f e c t l y O r a n g e (horizontal).
This is the first one of this version that has sold, also my first poster sale!

I hope you likey!