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Mum of 3 and wife to 1. Live in Sydney Australia and am obsessed with photography.

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  • Age: 38
  • Joined: September 2007


Back to the land of the living. MIA for so long.

Hi, not sure any of you old bubblers still have me on your watchlists. / It has been many many months (maybe a year actually) since I’ve been on here. I’m now a mother of 3 kids. We had our latest baby in December, a baby girl named Minna Loren. She is absolutely perfect, I love her SO much and can’t remember life without her. I thought when I was pregnant that I’d be taki…
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First time featured!

Yay I’m featured for the first time. Image is
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I'm bloggin

Hey all, / I’ve been pretty busy lately and have decided to put together a blog. The intention is to show a preview for my clients before I go and edit all their images. / Here is the link: http://nicolepearcephotography.blogspot.com / I’m now trying to pull my finger out and get back into other things photography and not just people. / Hope you are all well. / Nic
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Saying goodbye for a while

I’ve decided to have a break from RB and Other photo sites. I can’t seem to keep up and feel that I should be contributing more to RB and people on my watchlist. Sorry that I don’t comment that often, time is not on my side at the moment. / Anyway I’m going to recharge my batteries and concentrate on other life matters like kids and neglected house work. I know most of you…
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