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sometimes / just when you thought / that what you longed for / doesn’t happen in real life / along comes someone / who opens your eyes / and makes you see / how beautiful life really can be / and now beautiful you are / through their eyes / and that love doesn’t feel desperate / or urgent / if feels as if nothing on earth that goes wrong / will really matter / as long you know that pe…
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was there

was there ever a time / when your love was mine / when a spark was ignighted / when you were delighted / was there ever a time / when you longed to hold me / your day’s highlight was to be / just standing near me / and was there ever a time / when you actually wanted / to feel me and smell me / and touch me and tell me / was there ever a time / when you loved me at all / was there ever a ti…
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if it's you

Well if it’s you / and you’re still here / then befriend me again / communicate with me / in a normal way / and tell me how you feel / because it’s been you / all along / and there is forgiveness / and healing / but I need to hear from you / or I’ll have to keep moving on
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you're still here?

Is it even possible / you are still here? / you still check / i still write / my arms still long / to hold you / to assure you / that you are more / more than you feel you are / sometimes / but i can hardly believe anymore / that you are still / here
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well, just because

you should know / just that I / love you / still / be well / only the best / for you / in my heart / live well / love well / be well

haunted by a moment

lost in a sea / of meaningless / offers of flattery / and words with no meaning / looking for a sincere heart / and realizing / I am left /…

Waiting for him to visit again

I can tell you’ve been hurt / heart trampled like dirt / and the tenderness is lost / love’s just been not worth the cost / I a…

for your instrumental

echos of strings / you voice still rings / and the sound in my head / of us in your bed / a dream a dream a dream / in my heart / never nev…


no idea what to think / who is there / and who is not / play by ear / and learn the notes / every time it hits the spot / I’m finding…

Missing you

You still fill my thoughts every day / and when I’m lonely I try to find a way / in my head to make it work / but all this thinkin…

I don’t know anymore

without seeing you / pursuing me openly / I lost hope / and have let my heart move on / it remains unclaimed / but won’t be forever /…

I do but you

I do I do / long to hold / and touch / but you / must give / the words I crave / like water / no blood / the need so intense / to fe…

Lonely in progress Key of g

laying on this bed / with pictures of you / dancing through my head / and singing the blues / aching more inside / and teasing myself / …

for you after all this time

Oh precious man / I take these words / and in them offer / to you my hand / and ache at the thought / that you’re ever alone / feelin…

what I heard

my eyes observe / and I want to see / a lover who longs / to reach for me / my ears took in / words my heart won’t hear / and my bitt…