My First Journal Ever

I am so amazed by so much at the moment. I’m overwhelmed actually. I only joined RB yesterday and I’ve already received lovely comments and been watched by some very inspiring artists. This little community is just awsome and I’m loving the experience. The only problem is I am so caught up in everyone’s art, I’m not out there creating my own. It is that good to be here.

I’m 38 and have always thought of myself as artistic but I have never really grasped onto any particular medium and concentrated on it. I’ve done a few sketches and pastel portraits of friends’ dogs and horses but I have always been stuck in the normal 9 – 5 sort of lifestyle. Not enought time to develop my art.

That has all changed for me recently with the birth of my daughter in June. Since being at home, looking after her, I have made the time to learn more about photography. I have looked back on old photos I took years ago and thought, I’m not that bad.

So I lashed out and bought the most exciting thing since the birth of my little girl – a Canon 400D SLR with massive lense (18 – 200 mm is massive after using an Olympus Ultra Zoom for years). I’ve never really used an SLR before, thinking only professionals use them. I’m so rapt in it.

Tonight I have my first meeting with a photographic club. Really looking forward to it. Can’t wait to talk photography. I think my husband’s over it.

I have been surfing the net for years but this is the first time I have actually contributed to the www. I feel so proud. Is that a sin?

Better get back to work……..but a big THANKYOU to the people I have encountered so far.


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