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HI. I am new to photography . Well taking them anyway.I did some work for some model agencies in Manchester in the 80s on the side of a camera , for extra cash . Well when the agents got around to pay me !
Made a few front covers though Nike 1988 and some other companies . Although i realized the hard work that went into taking a photograph and i have always been interested , but never pursued until now .
Back then i stood around allot on locations waiting for correct light and polaroid test shots to be placed under arm pits to develop and double checked before the camera and artist did there work .
My portrait is an old photograph when i was working .
I stumbled onto the web site by accident . Since joining i was a bit worried people might think my photos were poor .
But i have some nice comments which was a surprise . Even more so when i have viewed there art work .
And others out there. OUTSTANDING STUFF .
I wish i was rich i would buy a photo from every artists work i have seen .

I use a sony cybershot .

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