My *Top 5* Music Machines!


Here is my Top 5 selections for the Music Machines challenge.

Keeping the theme of Music Machines (“… steampunk pianos, cassette tape caravans, trombone tributes and vinyl dinosaurs. Basically anything involving a musical tool, weapon or instrument.) in mind and looking closely at those who followed the brief, my eyes have picked these 5 standouts, in no particular order.

Marine Music Machine by ausven

Amped by rubyred

Grinder Mincemaster Music Machine by Matt Simner

Rock Army by caffinepowered

Robot DJ is in the House by Ine Spee

WELL DONE EVERYONE! Super comp …. that has produced some most excellent Tee designs! Can’t wait to see who the winners are …. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!!!

Special mentions to:
Bonebeard Bladdersplatter – Lord of Rock by douglasbot
Audio Chaos by Greg Wade
Lost in Sound by Tom Douce
We are the Music Machines by Pip Gerard

Oh yeah ……… if you haven’t vote yet ……… head over HERE! Not long left to get ya vote!!!!!


  • Scott Robinson
    Scott Robinsonalmost 5 years ago

    In agreement Nick..

    Also love this one

    It has that industry/mechanism feel, plus hugely wearable..

  • True dat!

    – Nick Ford

  • Scott Robinson
    Scott Robinsonalmost 5 years ago

    And this one
    because it too sums up the brief for me, and it rocketh my sockeths…

  • Indeed …. indeed it does. Massive stuff!

    – Nick Ford

  • Scott Robinson
    Scott Robinsonalmost 5 years ago

    ANNNNDDDD.. definately this one… I guess it`s a little off edge with the breif, but god damn It`s amazing..

    ANNNNDDDD.. definately this one… I guess it`s a little off edge with the breif, but god damn It`s amazing..

  • Yep …. mentioned that one! A lil left field …. but he would be an amazing music machine … mechanical or not! Killer illustration to boot.

    – Nick Ford

  • Simon Sherry
    Simon Sherryalmost 5 years ago

    Great picks mate – and all worthy of sharing rack space at Demo. It’s going to be interesting to see how it all pans out, that’s for sure.

  • Yeah … they totally suprised me with their picks last time round! It’s gunna be interesting to see what floats their boats.

    – Nick Ford

  • Scott Robinson
    Scott Robinsonalmost 5 years ago

    Hahah, yeah, i missed that you mentioned it.. still killer stuff all round..

  • Matt Simner
    Matt Simneralmost 5 years ago

    Too kind Nick :) – and agree with all of these – (in fact think I voted for more or less all of them!) this challenge has certainly been an interesting one. The voting’s almost as epic as the Eurovision Song contest ;)

  • o0OdemocrazyO0o
    o0OdemocrazyO0oalmost 5 years ago

    not long now to see if your predictions pan out :D
    good luck to all these crazy good designs!

  • Pip Gerard
    Pip Gerardalmost 5 years ago

    Great choices. (my picks are Matt, Rubyred & Ine for definite finalists)
    Everytime I’ve had a glance at the voting area (granted its not that often) but each time I’ve seen at least one vote for Ine’s robot so I think she’s got an excellent chance of making it two years in a row.
    It’s all been a lot of fun… You’re right though… so many of us didn’t follow the brief exactly as it should have been (always happens) :D I stretched the outline … but just couldn’t help it… I’m always one for following my gut (winning wasn’t even in the equation.. it was just a case of following my intuition… can’t help it when the gut talks… the gut wins)
    It’s been a great comp once again. Always a bit of fun and excitement for the the community.
    You & Scott better be ready for the next one! ;)

  • Yep, i will be. Hmmm … yeah i just remembered Ine Spee took it out last time! WOW …. great stuff.
    I reckon your take on it Pip was awesome …. from the looks of last time, a real variety of styles and interpretation is what they’re after. Good luck!

    – Nick Ford

  • rubyred
    rubyredalmost 5 years ago

    Hey, thanks for the mention Nick! There’s certainly a thick layer of cream in this comp, Demo should have some quality tees to choose from.

  • Steven  Austin
    Steven Austinalmost 5 years ago

    Thanks Nick, I too have voted for four of the designs mentioned by your good self and Mr Robinson. It is kinda scary, how quietly confident one can be and how quickly that confidence can slip between the cracks as the bar is raised again and again throughout the competition. My finger nails are down to the knuckle – if thats at all possible. Cheers guys – and the best of luck to you all.