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My *Top 5* Music Machines!


Here is my Top 5 selections for the Music Machines challenge.

Keeping the theme of Music Machines (“… steampunk pianos, cassette tape caravans, trombone tributes and vinyl dinosaurs. Basically anything involving a musical tool, weapon or instrument.) in mind and looking closely at those who followed the brief, my eyes have picked these 5 standouts, in no particular order.

Marine Music Machine by ausven

Amped by rubyred

Grinder Mincemaster Music Machine by Matt Simner

Rock Army by caffinepowered

Robot DJ is in the House by Ine Spee

WELL DONE EVERYONE! Super comp …. that has produced some most excellent Tee designs! Can’t wait to see who the winners are …. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!!!

Special mentions to:
Bonebeard Bladdersplatter – Lord of Rock by douglasbot
Audio Chaos by Greg Wade
Lost in Sound by Tom Douce
We are the Music Machines by Pip Gerard

Oh yeah ……… if you haven’t vote yet ……… head over HERE! Not long left to get ya vote!!!!!

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