Perth Royal Show 2016 Acceptances

I’m usually too cowardly to enter competitions but I did enter the Perth Royal Show Photography Competition this year and I heard today that I had FIVE accepted for exhibition. So exciting!

These are the ones that made the cut:

Bee eater in Dreamland

Exquisite dancers

Male and female

At the bird sanctuary

Sedge and swallow

A red letter day!

did I imagine it?

The other night, driving home from visiting my husband in hospital (he’s back home now), and being preoccupied as well as exhausted (now in my 5th year of chronic fatigue following swine flu), I thought I saw….

a nest of yellow mushrooms on the verge

archetypal mushrooms, curved hemispheric caps with glimpses of gills, some big, some small, little goldilocks mushrooms, some just right

and strikingly yellow, highlighter yellow, glowing and luminous in the afternoon sun, the delicate narrow stems also yellow, translucent

This was at a junction

I had hardly formed the thought to stop to photograph them when I dismissed it as, I’m too tired, it’s too hard to park, I don’t have the right lens, I can come back.

But now I can’t find them. Have they been mown d…

Notes from a talk by the legendary wildlife photographer, Art Wolfe

Art Wolfe visited our remote city of Perth, Western Australia last month and I was fortunate to be able to go to hear him speak. I knew him as a wildlife photographer but he described a most interesting journey through landscape and wildlife in the early days through patterns and shapes, to his current project, Human Canvas. He looked amazing for 60! said he believes that following your passion leads to longevity.

Here are some of his tips, as I remember them: (check out Art Wolfe Images in Google and you will spot many of the shots he used to illustrate these points)

- everything has a ‘gesture’ – a slant or position or movement which is its signature – try to shoot the gesture of things, animals, people – and the viewer will respond to it

- wherever possibl…

Notes from a workshop with fashion photographer, Peter Coulson

The fashion photographer, Peter Coulson has been visiting Perth and I went to hear him speak and did a workshop with him and two professional models, Natascha and Tara.

You can check out his website here . I’ve learned so much my mind is reeling. Mostly about breaking rules. Doing everything in camera. I won’t be able to do him justice but here are some personal notes…

- he showed us how he ‘reads the light’ (both in studio and outdoors) by turning the model 360 degrees while he turns with her, to find the position where the light is most flattering, and then he spot metered on her skin (he only uses Manual mode and spot metering – hates Aperture or Shutter priority and the 50 point metering facility!)

- he used a single light to show how to get differe…

great tips from camera club judge

Brent Acie was our judge at the NEPG camera club last night and there were so many tips in his merciless but very humorous comments that I thought I would try to capture them quickly and share them here. (apologies to Brent if I misrepresent or misremember!):

- when photographing models, use misdirection – ask the model to put her hands on her thighs and slowly bring them upwards if you want the area around the neck and clavicle to relax – she’ll be concentrating on the hands and thighs and the tension in her neck area will disappear; similarly, if you want the face to relax, ask her to do something with her hips!

- don’t photograph hands overlapping – it’ll make them look much bigger

- when the model is wearing a sweater and you want to photograph the …

Notes on Breakaway photography event 22 Sep 09, Hillarys, Perth

Thought I would jot down some of the highlights for me of the photography event I went to yesterday. There were 4 speakers and an M/C, all master photographers: David Oliver, Ric Syme, Christian Fletcher and Alan Moyle, with Tony Hewitt as M/C.

- when asked which lens would you take to a shoot if you could only take one, they all said their fastest 50mm, even Christian who shoots enormous panoramic landscapes – he mounts the camera vertically and just takes more shots to stitch together

- David talked about the value of waiting for the ‘one shot’ instead of shooting hundreds just because you can with digital. The first image on his website is magical and has earned him many awards and sales – he took it to use up the last exposure on his roll of film when he saw th…

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