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Recently I was asked to join the ‘remodernist’ group, which apparently is made up of members ‘who would challenge the hegemony of post-modernism.’

Well, sentiments like these could certainly have taken the words out of my mouth.

I wonder how many people are getting tired of the elitsm, the gimmickism ranging from exhibitng dogs to die (allegedly) to urinals, along with (allegedly from an artist friend-cum-student of mine who saw it), a machine that makes synthetic but authentic manure (with no commercial or scientific application whatsoever, It was All in the Nameof Art), to more exhibiting more organically-produced poo in various hues?

The Emperors-new-clothes aspect of the cleverness of it all created laziness for me too. Why bother with an inner artistic pah of transmutation or however you might wish to define it, when some graduate from the right school only has to daub an ugly shape with ugly colours (ugliness cannot be superficial after all) and make thousands out of it???

I do hope that my work will be able to speak for itself more and more.


  • Mechellerene
    Mechellereneover 6 years ago

    Thank you nexus 7. I subscribe to those magazines that laud and/or cover such things, only because I like to “wonder” about the economics, and the machine that keeps it going. I don’t think I’m going to renew…It’s getting to the point that I don’t even want my few coins to support the madness.

  • I think it is time to make more of a ‘noise’ somehow.

    – nexus7

  • Makeba Kedem-DuBose
    Makeba Kedem-D...over 6 years ago

    I concur. peace…

  • Matt Bray
    Matt Brayover 6 years ago

    anyone think we can handle a REMODERNISTS exhibition? it would be difficult to organise, but it is what is needed at this exciting stage in the groups growth.

    I spoke to Charles Thompson (creator of stuckism & remodernism) about it and he said it is up to us to make it happen.

    anyone think we have the communication between us to make this happen?


  • nexus7
    nexus7over 6 years ago

    Virtual or actual?

    I think it’s a great idea. But where on the good planet Earth might we hold it?

    This is an Australian-based site and I am in Budapest Hungary. I daresay I could send some of my smaller A-4 collages, but then they would have to be put up.

    Still, from that point of view it could be argued that maybe a re-modernist exhibiton should challenge the idea that ‘size matters?’ maybe?

    Anyway, do count me in, virtually or otherwise.

  • Matt Bray
    Matt Brayover 6 years ago

    i was thinking about an acutal exhibition. but perhaps a virtual exhibition is the way to get things moving.

    lets use this thread then, to get a buy in from remodernists that would like to be included in the exhibition.

    i have no experience about putting exhibitions together, so we could do with someone to volunteer to be in charge that has some kind of experience.

    i know carson is away at the moment, but when he returns he will no doubt be able to help coordinate things as he is a very good organiser of people.

    so ANYONE THAT WANTS TO BE IN THE EXHIBITION say yes in reponse to this thread.

    and WHOEVER WANTS TO ORGANISE THE EXHIBITION please also respond to this thread to indicate this….

    matt bray

    ps – i’d l;ike to be in the exhibition.

  • nexus7
    nexus7over 6 years ago

    Is there anyone here on My Space?

    I am not, but if there is, then maybe it s worth leting artsitsa there know about this idea too.

  • Matt Bray
    Matt Brayover 6 years ago

    i am on myspace. i run the remodernism page there. i will put out a bulletin and blog to the effect.

    i had another idea last night too. i run a publishing house on the net at so we can make a book with art and a few q&a’s etc to go with the exhibition.


  • nexus7
    nexus7over 6 years ago

    Now that sounds like a cool idea.

  • Matt Bray
    Matt Brayover 6 years ago

    not very much interest so far.

    darkest artist
    me (mattbray)
    adam bray

    thats it so far……

    no-one else interested in remodernist exhibition?

  • Margot Koefod
    Margot Koefodover 6 years ago

    count me in!
    and you are right , at the moment a virtual exhibition would be the way to go.
    Maybe with the goal of an actual one , it would be awesome!
    I just got a restoration job from a company who organizes exhibits and ship/handles artworks to museums in the US , might be a good contact for the future? I’ll dig into it and will keep my eyes open.
    Also, we could consider planning for grants?
    - I am good at getting contacts but bad at writing submitting meetings etc… fortunately Carson and Matt sound just perfect for that!!!!
    ok. I’m getting all wound up, let’s start with putting a virtual one first!!
    I’m all in and will help all what i can to make it happen.
    peace and joy!