Hi Everyone....I'm back

Just want to tell all my RB friends, that I’m back. The end of 2012 was very difficult for my husband and me. He had dangerous health problems, hospital and……well, we don’t want to complain.But everything turned out fine and we are getting back to normal life.

Atlast I am able to return to RB. I still need alot of time to get all my photos ready to enter, to give comments and join challenges. Please be patient, I’ll try to pickup as soon as possible.
I’ll have to reduce my groups, sorry about that, but I have to make this dicision, just have to many.

This year I want to try to gather alot of photos of natural flowers and plants and insekts you find in the forest or just in a field. That will be my main work for this year. Hope to have enough to work on a calender with this name.

I wish you all a pleasent and creative 2013 and will be looking in on all my RB friends

BR Heidi

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