Pablo Togni was born on 29th september 1979 in Bellinzona, Switzerland. Christian Rebecchi was born on 20th december 1980 in Lugano, Switzerland. Both attended the Art School in Lugano (Liceo Artistico C.S.I.A.) and afterwards the Painting course of Professor Nicola Salvatore at the Brera’s Art Academy in Milan (Accademia di Bella Arti di Brera), graduating in 2005.
Since 1996 they work together and give life to the Nevercrew group ( to do murales, graphics, and other expression forms such as sculpture, illustrations, designer toys, photography, and video, beginning immediately to paint all over the south of Switzerland and to create graphics for groups and singers from Italy and they’re region.
Since 2004 they focus more on painting and, while continuing to work with the spray as Nevercrew, they try to combine the experience and the spirit of murales and graphics with the expressive research done in academia. In their most recent works can be found: the graphic elements of collage, the lettering and imagery that often exploits the atmosphere and the structure of the metropolis as well as a vintage and surreal taste.
Their most recent and main works are the “Octopus” painting at the Skatepark of Lugano, the “Daydream in a Box” painting, the boxes paintings and the “Hangselm” project: a customizable paper toy, which has the purpose to involve different artists (

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