?Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit my RedBubble page! Here’s a little about me… I worked as a photographer in a studio for 2 years around 1996-7 and took mostly portraits, weddings, and some family reunions. But not for long, I grew tired of it and wanted to explore more of my creative side of things that I will enjoy and still make money doing it! I went back to school and pursue my love in Fine Arts and emphasis in Graphics Design, Digital photography, Painting, Sculpting, and Silk screening. During and after my schooling, I starting remembering the passion I have for photography and realized how much I miss it, so I began shooting again and have been doing it ever since. (6 months plus) I’ve always loved photography ever since I stop modeling many moons ago and found the thrill of behind the camera instead of in front of it. I also now loving the digital evolution because, I love Photoshop and love manipulating images to make it even more interesting. So now I’m a freelancer as a Web/Graphics Designer and Creative Photography.

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?Below is a few of my most recent work ready to view so please check it out and all comments are welcome and appreciated!


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? I am always very grateful and honored to be featured amongst such a talented communities of artists! “THANK YOU!” ? Kenny Yu

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SOLD :::Pixie Glow:::

Hello everyone! / I am excited to say that I’ve sold another art of mine a few days ago to my lovely and talented Aussie mate Jayded If you haven’t visited her bubble please take a moment to spread support to all our buyers! Plus I like to add that Jayde is a great person to know!
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Another one sold!

I would personally like to thank C. Michael Cox for the recent purchase of Levitation ! And I would like to quote part of his note he took the time to write to me: / “Not too many people take the time to write a handwritten note, anymore; and it is even harder to promote one’s artwork in a media saturated market. This card will allow the two of us to partner together and accomplish both go…
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TIED in Challenge??

Hey all! / - / This is just a screen capture taken at 6:00pm April 30, 2010 to show proof that I have the same vote and the winner. This is something that I am curious about and NOT upset about loosing at all! / Just wanted to know what how the winner is selected if we both have the same number of votes… / - / Here is the challenge page where you can see the amount of votes the winner has…
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Work SOLD!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank my mystery buyer that bought “The Tree of Power” last week, because it was a pleasant surprise so it made my day!!!! / THANK YOU!!!!!!
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