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I’m ultimately a citizen of the world ..since I lived in a few countries..but most I love Australia !! The first image I took was...

Hardly Normal

After checking and reviewing quite a few printers, I decide to buy the Epson R800.I ended in one of the stores of Harvey Norman, or as some call them “Hardly Normal” .Talking with the sale person on the floor ,and he, in return checking his computer and his store manager ,we arrive at an agreeable price, to which I paid for fully. with a promise to pick it up in a weeks time , since it wasn’t in the store.
Two weeks later ,and numerous calls, their explanation was that ,they forgot to update their prices on their computer and therefore if I WANTED THE PRINTER I WOULD HAVE TO MAKE UP THE
Four weeks later,and in talking with the store owner, I congratulate her for her incompetence as a business person,and a poor sales person to boot.I informed her that , I also report her extortion demands to the police,to the Consumers Affairs, and to the
Franchise owner ‘Harvey Norman’.Two days later my printer was delivered.And the difference in price? A mighty $20.I thought in telling you what happened to me ,might help you , and Me, and yes I’m happy with the printer.

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