Dr Andy Lewis

Dr Andy Lewis

Magnetic Island, Australia

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I live on Magnetic Island just off the tropical coast of North Queensland, Australia. I wear many hats – coral reef ecologist, photographer, musician, teacher, father, waterman – but the ocean has always been a central pillar in my life. I feel very fortunate that my work takes me to many fantastic locations all over the Great Barrier Reef and the Indo-Pacific, and my goal is to capture some of the essence of those places with the camera. I think human beings have a natural instinct to preserve that which is considered beautiful and sacred, and my hope is that the beauty of the ocean that I capture with the camera will inspire people to be proactive in the conservation of coral reefs.

I strive to work with natural light underwater as much as possible, mainly because this is what I see when I’m in the ocean, and also because I think this is where much of the true natural beauty lies. Light creates such amazing patterns of form, shadow, depth, and illumination when it penetrates the sea, and this is what I attempt to bring to the viewer through my images. I do most of my work while free diving, as I enjoy the freedom of swimming without tanks and paraphernalia, and there is also that special “zen” moment that comes when an image is captured while the breath is still …….

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