I live in beautiful Tasmania and spend most of my time happily tending to the needs of my husband and four children. In my less frantic moments, I write and take photographs, which is something I have done a good deal of ever since working in a war zone in the early 1990’s and deciding I had to capture my experiences in both images and words.

I take photos of whatever catches my eye, but I have an especial interest in capturing the underlying mood of a scene. I am fascinated by how traces of the past linger in the present and hope that, like a good book, my photos inspire the imagination rather than dictate every little detail.

Thank-you for visiting my page and for any comments you may choose to leave – it is much appreciated! I prefer to reciprocate when people leave comments (rather than saying thank-you over and over again), so be assured that if you take an interest in my work I will likewise have a look at yours. Feel free to bubblemail me with any questions or requests.

I also have a personal website: http://mishkagora.com

You can read more about my book ‘Fragments of War’ on my blog.

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Just wanted to apologise for my relative inactivity of late. I’m suffering from the nausea and fatigue common to the first trimester of pregnancy and haven’t been doing very much on the computer. In fact, I haven’t been doing much other than the bare necessities. / So, I hope to be back to my normal self in a few weeks, but we’ll see. In the meantime, greetings to you a…
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First Calendar Sale!

I just sold my first calendar last night (excluding family sales), one of views of Tinderbox / A big thank-you to the buyer, and I hope they enjoy looking at the views on their calendar as much as we do looking at the real thing! / Ciao, / Nemirna
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Thanks, Sarah!

I awoke this morning to find that Sarah Pett-Noble had bought a card of Coquette II / Such a lovely surprise – thanks, Sarah! / Do take the time to have a look at Sarah’s work – it’s just fabulous! / Nemirna
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Sale - Thank-You!

My heartfelt thanks to whoever bought the matted print of One Precious Drop ! It’s made my day!
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