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2012 Calendars: Colourful Rajasthan

For 2012, my seven calendars of traditional Japan are joined by two new calendars featuring Rajasthan and its people, photographed in January 2011 with a 21-megapixel Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera and 24-105mm L-series lens for high-resolution images. ‘People of Rajasthan’ brings together my favourite portraits of the friendly and colourful inhabitants of the North Indian state, while ‘Rajasthan Kaleidoscope’ is a selection of pictures of some of the countless places and things that caught my eye. What a shame I didn’t get a shot of the half-dozen peahens relaxing on a thatched roof, or of the two young women in yellow saris carrying bundles of wood on their heads!

RedBubble calendars are on my Christmas shopping list every year because their high quality always pleases both me and the recipients.

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