Isn’t it funny what people regret most, when a doctor tells them their days are numbered.
Amicable break-up by Nebsy A nice drive by Nebsy

Why e-mail

The phone says / Stop / Drop / Don’t roll / Whatever you’re doing isn’t important / And if it is? I don’t care / I…


Before signals and symbols, before Labor or Liberal / Before gadgets and gizmos, life was stable and simple / Before calories, before capil…
Pickled Tink by Nebsy

A breathtakingly fresh perspective from the radic…

Hollywood taught us / that young, slim, / conventionally attractive / protagonists / can overcome all obstacles,
Caterpillar by Nebsy

The Good Day

I got up on the right side of the bed. / I got a park right near the office and still found $2 on the pavement on my way in.

Snake man

He had white hair and a beard like a bush santa claus / His feet were bare and chin outthrust
Ambition by Nebsy


minimalism / is 2 much / 4 u

Snapshots of a break-up

His parents’ fluffy white carpet / My scuffed black shoes / His swelling pink bottom lip / My wrung white hands / The sighing door / …
"That's the way..." by Nebsy

NaPoWriMo #29

Local car lane to be turned into musical / Local actress to perform in bus lane; drivers outraged

NaPoWriMo #28

On the Canary Islands / Is where we lay our scene / In the lab of a psychologist / ’Round 1917

NaPoWriMo #27

I wear glasses now / Optometrist says too much reading / Nah, I’m busy till after exams

NaPoWriMo #23

The old man beside me on the bus is laughing / Not loudly / Just continuously

NaPoWriMo #22

King of your own rust emporium, / Patent-holder of the civilized squall;

NaPoWriMo #21

“Reprobates! Wastrels! Ne’er-do-wells!” / Self-improvement is the celery of the soul

NaPoWriMo #18

Smoothways, sleekways / Stretchways, slinkways / Paws in the door, dash! / The mice are here, the cat plays

NaPoWriMo #6

Would we – could we? / Wouldn’t it be good if / We could take a pill / To stop us doing what we shouldn’t?
Extrapolation by Nebsy Beauty and the Beast by Nebsy Spider Dining by Nebsy Snow White's First Date by Nebsy Never Ever Give Up by Nebsy Relationship Anxiety by Nebsy Cinderella re-imagined by Nebsy Should I or shouldn't I? by Nebsy Self-improvement by Nebsy Smoking by Nebsy Dreaming and Achieving by Nebsy Fido the Vegetarian by Nebsy FML and IMMD by Nebsy Unicorn Repellant by Nebsy Parents by Nebsy Zombie Boyfriend by Nebsy Self-actualization by Nebsy The Homeless Perspective by Nebsy Spontaneity by Nebsy Moderation by Nebsy Writer's Block by Nebsy Art by Nebsy Death by Nebsy Never Give Up by Nebsy Ironic Post-it by Nebsy Life and Death Personified by Nebsy Armour by Nebsy Free Will by Nebsy Somedays you're both by Nebsy Conversation by Nebsy Impatience by Nebsy Joke about own suicide by Nebsy Generosity by Nebsy Wedded Bliss by Nebsy Literature studies by Nebsy Sober by Nebsy The Early Bird by Nebsy Envy by Nebsy Gaols by Nebsy The real villain in Snow White by Nebsy A do-angle by Nebsy Coins by Nebsy S and O by Nebsy What he may as well have said by Nebsy Communicating Online by Nebsy Pythagoras' Theorem by Nebsy Poor Design by Nebsy It isn't always a continuum by Nebsy Perfectionism by Nebsy Pets by Nebsy The Fair Trade Diet by Nebsy Graduating by Nebsy Bookmark by Nebsy Well-being and Autonomy by Nebsy Wardrobe Malfunction by Nebsy Mind Reader by Nebsy Everybody wants... by Nebsy The Thoughtful Leader by Nebsy
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