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A new groupee

Hi group leaders

I have not yet joined any groups, but would like to. It is a great idea.

It I can see lots of groups I would like to contact, like the water/seascapes and photoshop, and spirituality and so on and on and on. For example, most of my work is connected to water, including wetlands – the water/mangrove relationship and patterns/designs in water/earth in particular. The connection between water and life will always intrigue me and affect my choices of direction. Plenty of questions; no answers.

It will take some time for me to do some new work targetting a particular group, because I am having to deal with my sea-change complications, and my images are very time consuming.

However, HOW to join is my question. Am I so busy sea-changing that I have missed this vital info? Help please

See you on the monitor. Norma

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