For months I have been moving from Brisane – now in a seaside rural village in NSW, mid coast., at Stuarts Point. The effort thas been worth it but creativity has been on seriosly hard hold. I am off once again and glad to be back with RedBub

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work on the wetlands

Good work for 2008 to all / I have been terrifically busy and unproductive. In the new year I would lilke to focus some work in the subjects in my one or two groups. Perhaps raise the idea of a wetlands group? / This can encompas that wonderful area between land and water – the wetlands… and the issue of climate change’s threat to the source of llfe there and the world over. …
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A new groupee

Hi group leaders / I have not yet joined any groups, but would like to. It is a great idea. / It I can see lots of groups I would like to contact, like the water/seascapes and photoshop, and spirituality and so on and on and on. For example, most of my work is connected to water, including wetlands – the water/mangrove relationship and patterns/designs in water/earth in particular. The c…
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Tidying up my portfolio

While I am doing some new work, I am also examing the quality and range of my existing portfolio, and want to clean up some earlier uploads. I have learned a lot since I joined other RedBubblers. / As a first step, I have made all, not some, available as cards, which was not an option when I first joined. Other images if mine were well received but were not of sufficiently good resolution. / I …
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I just found out that I can enter my correct DOB. When I first joined, the earliest date available was 1927. I am happy to admit to being 83. More oldies should be working with REDBub. Tell your grandmothers about it – and have a go with your PC, Mum.
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