We are a small community garden in Melbourne, Australia and any profits made from these images will be used to sustain the gardens and hopefully buy a water tank!
We also have many creative people among our members including photographers, designers and artists, so we plan to keep the quality of our work up to Red Bubble standards.
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Northcote Community Gardens would like to say thank-you to the wonderful person/peoples who purchased quite a number of our tshirt “Grow Food! Save the world” You have made our day- month- year, thank-you!
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Thanks to all the wonderful people who are buying our cards and tshirts! We’re not ordering the water tank quite yet, but we’re on the way! You’re all great…THANK-YOU!
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Congrats Rebecca

Your Grow Food Tshirt a hit…Fabulous. Money rolling in. I can see a water tank…
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