I’m not sure what to say about myself
but I’ll think of something eventually ^^


well, I love art… like reading and eating it’s a hobby
or maybe it’s more like eating
since putting pencil to paper always makes me happy…


I don’t get to do too much
even my portfolio has been lagging
but what can you do?
sometimes time just gets away (shakes fist time, how dare you)

gawk at me~ http://artists.gawker.com/5327873/nicole-brzozo...
devart me~ http://nbrzzwsk.deviantart.com/
or maybe don’t… I don’t upload there that much keke

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wait, what... another one?

-____-;; / I’m so bad at online journals / and this one could fail as badly as the last / I always forget to log in / and then by the time I remember / I’ve forgotten my password / and I hit my head a couple of times / what was I thinking that day when I made my password / takes me all but two seconds to give up / and confess / “have you forgotten your password?” / yes / y…
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