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My son , Austin, passed away 9-11-10 at 12:40am… My son, my heart was only 15 …….. NOTHING will EVER be right in my life my heart my soul again until I am with him once more. His pictures will be my profile pic forever … He will be laid to rest on 9-17-10 please smile up to the sky that day to him and throw him the peace sign …….. that would make him smile and I so just need to feel him be ok …………………………….

I walk outside I see the gray
My mood seems to constantly stay
Until you smile
And stay with me awhile
Then the sun does shine
All my dreams seem to already be mine
A brightness surrounds my being
When its your smile I am seeing
The days pass and you are on my mind
To pass the time words I find
From my soul I express feelings so deep
Tears from emotions my tired eyes weep
Remembrance of lifetimes that have passed
Each ones going by so fast
A brightness surrounds my being
When its your smile I am seeing
Angels wings from your soul they flutter
From your soft touch I shutter
Your beauty unlike I have known
Your spirit never gone … I am never alone
Lift me up higher each meeting
Because of you my heart is beating
A brightness surrounds my being
When its your smile I am seeing

IN HONOR OF Written and performed by three of my sons friends CHANNEL 5 DANCE PARTY …

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Missing you all !

I hope all my bubbler’s are doing great :) I am trying to get back into my writing and have done some photos as of recently so hope to maybe be posting again soon. Hope to hear from you my friends when you can … Love to you all (((((((((((((((((((((HUG)))))))))))))))))))))))))
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A piece of ME....

Found myself here feeding on the visual “soulfood” that is displayed here as if my own personal buffet of Art … any flavor I want, cut to perfect bites , like my sweet friend Lawrie’s lasted posting {I VISITED THE CEMETERY..} I was hesitent to read it as I saw, honestly , the word CEMETERY only at first … last week on the 11th it has been 18 months since I last hel…
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Yesterday, A year.....

Yesterday …. a year since my sons passing. People say alot about Father Time when trying to comfort or avoid conversation about Austin but for me, FOR ME , time has just gone by …. not gotten easier nor has the pain , the ache eased… / I miss him more than anything , some moments I am actually unable to move or think I can only fold up within myself and cry. BUT I am trying. …
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Brings me comfort .... just wanted to share ((((((HUG))))))))
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