sorry if I havent been around lately…been quite addicted to Mafia Wars at facebook…lol……

anyways, i’ll still be here…..wait a aminute, I AM STILL HERE!!

today, I’m a year older…huhuhuhu….time really does fly so fast!!

37…….midlife crisis!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!


  • maxy
    maxyalmost 5 years ago

    HAPPPPPYYYY BIRTHDAY TO YA..!!! (squeeky voice) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YA! (okay improving voice) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOOOO YAAAAA (extended voice…oooh my ears….) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YA! !!! (something just fell in the kitchen… no broke… hmmmmm) WHOOOO HOOOOO!! xoxo! okay…… CELEBRATE!! CELEBRATE!!! DANCE TO THE MUSIC….. oh no here comes gag… happy birthday you navybrat you!!! xoxo!

  • hey Maxy, thanks sweetie!

    – navybrat

  • mindym306
    mindym306almost 5 years ago

    Happy Birthday, Have a great one!

  • blamo
    blamoalmost 5 years ago

    Happy birthday …………….Man

  • Beve Brown-Clark
    Beve Brown-Clarkalmost 5 years ago

    Happy Birthday, Jotham…just wait til your in your 50’s….pfffft…and the days fly by!! Hope Grace and you celebrate in style!! OOOOO 37 was a good year (grin)

  • Gisele Bedard
    Gisele Bedardalmost 5 years ago

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIFE BEGINS AT 40 :))))))))))))))))

  • JenniferB
    JenniferBalmost 5 years ago

    Happy birthday, hope you have a good one… 37? agh, you’re still a young buck! ;-)

  • Heps
    Hepsalmost 5 years ago

    Happy Birthday Jotham!!! Here is a link

  • Dominika Aniola
    Dominika Aniolaalmost 5 years ago

    happy birthday :)

  • RavenSoul
    RavenSoulalmost 5 years ago

    Your just a baby hon = ) Happy Birthday!!! xox

  • jewelskings
    jewelskingsalmost 5 years ago

    Happy Birthday and I’ve been busy with work and Farmville on facebook!