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Summer, Sunflowers, Hick-Ups, Nigh Herons, Sand Queens

Spring has sprung and gone. Now our temperatures are in the 90’s by afternoon, and not too cool at night. I totally hate that. This is usually summer weather. May? SHEESH! I’m afraid of what summer is going to be. I’ve always wanted to see Canada…. But they’re saying el nino might come in and bring us Summer rains.

Nevertheless, there are still a few things blooming, and now the Sunflowers have started blooming and some are 10 feet tall, like my more recent Sunflower photos. I will probably post a few today from the hilly neighborhood meadows, i.e., the park. I suppose I should go on a walkabout in different parts of the city. But it is hot now… Sheesh. This is the part of the year most difficult for me. The heat last year was so bad, I didn’t know if I would make it through the Summer, especially since the bus no longer goes down my road. I must walk downhill, across the creek, and back uphill. Then through a long parking lot. Such is life. But I’m looking to move.

I have the hick-ups. Haven’t had this in years! My digestion has been weird lately. So I bought a little wine. I’m tired of the upset stomach I’ve had for the past few days. There must be little green men about. Or something.

The Night Herons now protest quite loudly and powerfully when I bring out my camera, so I’m not taking photos of them for now. I think they’re nesting and have juveniles. I think I saw one in a photo I took. So I no longer walk there or take photos there. I’ve been giving them a break, and they seem to be calming down. They don’t like the camera. No bird does, actually. Also lately, the Grackles have been raising a ruckus, unlike before, so I figure they have young too. I do my best to be sensitive to the wildlife around me. It’s such a beautiful thing. There’s a time for taking photos, and a time for respecting the life God is growing. Give the babies and parents their privacy, and God will respect you.

Gee, these hick-ups won’t go away. What causes hick-ups anyway? I’m going to wear out my stomach muscles! But the wine has taken away my upset stomach, thank God. Several days of that is enough. Can’t stand that!

I have to also tell you about “Sand Queen”, a book about women in the Army and in war in Iraq. What makes this book so good is that it was taken from real interviews with women who were in the military. If you know any female considering the Army, make her READ THIS BOOK BEFORE SH ENLISTS! It’s awful how women are treated. I would not go into the Army in the first place, but have always believed women do not belong in the military. A woman nurse is one thing, but a woman out with the men is considered a “Sand Queen”, which is something you do NOT want to be. Whether by choice or by force, you WILL be. One woman avoided that with a rifle, but she had a bad experience in the process, and kinda lost her mind…. Thing is, men never wanted women alongside them in war anyway. So in the 1960’s was it? the women demanded to be allowed into the military. Men have accepted their entry with something no woman wants. Please do NOT enlist if you are a woman who does not have medical training. The law allowing women alongside our fighting men needs to be revoked. it’s a huge mistake. I thought that at the time, but this story confirms that belief. When you see what happened to three women who were MPs, you will know that I speak the truth. Remain where you are. Do not enlist. It is a sentence to a Hell from which you may never emerge.

I’m running out of photos space, guys. I have to decide what to do. But I will try to post new photos anyway. Have a blessed day!

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