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Austin, United States

I have spent most of my career as a French professor and a research librarian, and have been reinventing myself as a writer. I’m...

Wander Through the Wildflowers

Today, I took a vacation day. You’re thinking, “What do you mean a vacation day?” I have been stuck in a routine that is wearing on me. I realized yesterday that I was seriously bored. I didn ‘t want to read a book. I didn’t want to watch TV. Well, ok. This was in the evening, but nevertheless, I have been having a routine, one that is making me snappy and grouchy and kinda nuts. I even caught myself growling! This scared the cats. This made me realize how far things had gone. After the initial shock, the momcat came to my patio door with a soft query, which very obviously meant, “Are you O.K.?” I had bored myself out of my comfort zone. So today I broke free.

Instead of heading out to my market shopping right away, or any other errands, I grabbed a coffee and spent some timee outdoors in the wildflowers. My batteries were charging. I was amazed at how lovely the world had become. It was decked in all manner of wildflowers – coreopsis, bee balm, Firewheels (Indian Blanket), sunflowers, Mexican hat, Prickly Poppy, Bull Nettle. Somehow, I had not been watching any more.

Then , filled with the thrill of discovery and the beauty of nature, I decided to enjoy a trip on the metro rapid. Free wi-fi, a smooth trip. A treat. I spent the ride there tuning in to my beautiful online morning prayers in a leisurely way, a further enrichment of the earlier transcendence. Then I had lunch out on the cheap, did a bit of shopping on credit (hah!), and headed back on the metro rapid again. Gee, it was heaven.

I was feeling the heat about midafternoon, so I dipped my feet in to a pool. Then, I enjoyed propping my wet feet up and drinking a cold soda. It was wonderful. I enjoyably dawdled, with no cares about time…for once.

When I made it home, I consumed my treats! :) A great sigh escaped my soul. I had been renewed! The world now looks so different, not at all the way it appeared to me early this morning. Sometimes you have to stop and wander through the wildflowers to refresh your spirit. I recommend it to everyone as a way of renewal and healing. It seem s the world is so assailed these days. Don’t forget to stop sometimes and just enjoy this beautiful land. And leave only your footprints.

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