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Here it goes…

The truth of the matter is we are all liars…in one way or not. I know this is harsh to hear, but we all know this is the truth! Think about it – how many times a day do we lie to ourselves, to the point of trying to convince others of the lie we ourselves are trying to convince ourselves of!

Take for instance…when someone asks us how we are, what are we conditioned to say? “Great!”, “Wonderful”, “Very well, thank you”…the list goes on. Now, ask yourself, when you made that statement, were you really any of those things? Really? Of course not! Many of those times, we were just struggling to get by & lying to ourselves that we were ok with it – but we weren’t!!! But that is only the beginning of our lies for each & every day!

As we go about our work day, most of us are miserable…hating our jobs, hating our bosses, hating how little we make for doing something we have no interest in really doing! Then hating ourselves for whoring ourselves out all for the sake of the mighty dollar!!! It’s a vicious cycle that is hard to break! Truth is, we can’t just walk out on our jobs, how would we pay our bills? How would we eat or live? So we continue with this whopper of a lie to continue existing. Yes, EXISTING!!! For this is no real life, not forcing yourself to do something you know you were not put here to do & for so little of a reward! I know now why poor people drink & do drugs…they are freakin’ miserable!!! They hate themselves & can’t live or deal with the pain of The Ugliest of Truths!

Now I know what you are thinking…“yeah, well even if it’s true for most of us, what can we really do about it?” Well, actually, it depends. It depends on a number of factors…and this is where it really gets messed up!

If you have money, well, you can pretty much do anything you want to do in this life! Money is the key…the magical potion, the fairy Godmother of life, the very God of this world!!! Oh, you don’t like that I put money in that high of a category? Hmmm…think about it…REALLY think about it! ~

Imagine where you would live, how you would live, & what kind of life you would have without it? No food, clothes, shoes, shelter, healthcare, medicine, no clean water, etc., etc., etc!!!

The Ugliest of Truths is…We all must lie in order to survive in this corrupt world we call home. We don’t make the rules, but those that do, love to watch us struggle. They are sick twisted bastards that enjoy the power of ‘having’ while the rest of us are ‘lacking’! They like to keep it that way…in fact, they HAVE to keep it that way, otherwise they would lose their power! From oil shortages, to food shortages, to power shortages, to inflation, to the all mighty ‘Depression’!

Ah, yes, DEPRESSION! Hence, why so many of us are so damn depressed! How can we not be? We lie to ourselves every day, & think somehow we can fool our spirit, but we can’t! Our spirit is the very thing that keeps us alive! Without our spirit we would be unanimated empty shells…a corpse! Is that not what a dead person is, but an empty shell, a body without the spirit that made it alive in the first place? Of course! So if we are not True to Ourselves, Lying to Our Spirit, what do you think our Spirit is going to do?

Well, if you ignore most things that are alive, what happens? They DIE!!! Plants, animals, heck, even humans! If we don’t take care of anything, even things that seem unspirited or inanimate, they just start falling apart & becoming a shell of whatever they were designed to be! Why would we, as God’s creations, be any different? If we do not take care of our very spirits, how can our spirit take care of the body we are in? It can’t…The Ugliest of Truths is that when we lie to ourselves, we are lying to our Spirit, in turn, lying to the very One who put our Spirit in us & made us alive…Almighty God the Creator Himself!

So, what really is the solution to the problem at hand? We decided that money pretty much solves everything…well, damn close to everything – but what if you don’t have money, nor the ‘spirit’ to continue to live your lie & hence, your spirit is dying along with your will to live?

STOP! Stop everything you are doing right now & just LISTEN! Listen to all the spirit around you…even if you’re indoors & you only hear the fan, a/c or radio. Listen to your own heartbeat, your own spirit or inner voice…what is it saying to you? Can you hear it crying for help? Do you even care? Don’t let your spirit die, it is YOU!

In boxing there is a saying, “Kill the body & the head dies too”. Well, in the real world, “Kill the Spirit & the body dies too”. That is REALITY! The Ugliest of Truths! Find out what your spirit is saying to you, stop torturing your spirit & really listen to what it needs! Keep it happy & in good health & it will take better care of you than you could ever take care of anything! It is a little piece of God that is in each & every one of us! Don’t ignore it; don’t drown it out with the insanity of this world, scrambling to make that Almighty Dollar! Listen instead to the Almighty Creator, then, and only then, will you truly be happy & prosperous!

Follow your spirit; it will never lead you down a wrong path…LISTEN! Now…GO!!! “To thine own self be true”!

Created Tues. 10/26/2010 @ 10am ~

Part one of a series of articles relating to Life, Love & Spirit.



Palm Harbor, United States

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A series of heartfelt articles discussing the Ugliest of Truths in life & what we can do about it! Not for the shallow hearted. LOL! =D

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