Wimborne, United Kingdom

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2 Sales-Thank you

Many thanks to the 2 Unknown Purchasers of Greetings Cards.
1 x Card of Gold Hill

and 1 x Sale of Fairy Bells

Really appreciated, and hope they bring you both much pleasure. xx

Sold 2 Tote Bags

Thank you to the person who purchased not one but two of my Totes.
both Medium Bags 16 × 16 of
Dandelion – Puffed Out

andDancing to Bolero-Clematis

Hope you or whoever you bought them for really like them!
Pauline xx
Sorry not learned how to shrink these!


Sold 1 x Sticker of Night Flight
to an unknown buyer last month

Sold x 2 Red Arrows Stickers to an unknown buyer yesterday

Thank you both so much, am always really pleased to know others like and appreciate my work. Makes it all worth while.
Pauline xx

Inappropriate Designs on Kiddies Clothing

As we are led to believe this is a matter of choice..then time for RB to make that choice not leave it to the artists
These are just a couple RB Have FEATURED from masses of inappropriate pictures on these baby grows.

or Just Plain Scary, will ensure a sleepless night.

not to mention the words printed on some,got to be thankful babies can’t read,but their young siblings probably. can

This is what the customer should expect to see and will purchase!

so what is the point in Featuring images aimed at ‘particular Adults’?.

2 Sales - Thank you

Many thanks to the 2 Unknown buyers of the following Greetings Cards

March Sale – 11th for this picture-Rising Sun

April Sale – 14th for this picture- Soft As A Feather

Always a great pleasure to receive that BMail telling me of a Sale. Thanks both of you, and hope they give you much pleasure – Pauline xx

Sold T Shirt

Thank you so much to the unknown buyer of
1 x Medium Black Steam Train T-Shirt

Such a good feeling to know your designs are being worn in different parts of the world, I just hope it meets with your approval!
Pauline xx

Sales - Thank you

Am so grateful for another 2 sales from unknown Buyers

1 x Calendar of 2014 – Dorset England

1 x Greetings Card of

Poppy Tears

Very many thanks to both purchasers,made sweeter as our power has been off due to the storms and this was the first email I saw when we had electricity restored. I do hope you both enjoy your purchases- Pauline xx

Two Sales, Thank you

So chuffed to have 2 sales to unknown buyers
1 x Greetings Card of
I’m Still Standing

1 x Calendar of
Power Of Purple

Thank you so much to both of you, and hope they bring you much pleasure.
Pauline xx

Two Sales Thank you!

Very many thanks to the unknown buyer of

1 x Small Photographic Print – Lustre finish
Rising Sun

1 x Small Photographic Print – Metallic Finish
Close Contact

This makes a total of 19 Sales for these two Pictures and I hope they bring much enjoyment.,
Have a wonderful day.
Pauline xx

New Year Sales!

Thank you so much to whoever purchased 2 Greetings Cards.

1 x Card of Tenderness

1 x Card of Sunshine and Showers

Thanks again and a Very Happy New Year to You xx