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Action Regarding Stolen Art from RB!

There has been some action taken behind the scenes regarding the stolen art from RB onto the Pixdaus site.
Initially it was just Zafar1 who we knew was stealing, but on going through the site there are many more who have other peoples work up as their own.
We don’t have the support of RB, they advise us to act on our own behalf, I have already done this and had my stolen work taken down from the site. I note one or two others have done the same, so if you are aware of any stolen work whether it is yours or some one you know (please inform them) then start sending the emails, the more they get the more they will have to act.

To this person: who runs Pixdaus, send an email Copy & Paste the URL (s), together with the stolen picture (s) on the Pixdaus site, your picture on RB that you put up and the COPYRIGHT details on the Profile Page..Adding you did not give permission for anyone to take, remove, use and blatantly steal your work and you want it taken off forthwith, along with the thief who stole it! also cc it to the IPS e mail address

It is simpler if each ‘victim’ does this rather than leaving it to one person, the job is too big and people could be overlooked.
Let’s hope we get back to normality soon, this leaves a very bad taste when Sites like this are not Policed properly..

Pauline & Celia
Please favour this or better still a journal with a LINK to bring it to the attention of your watch lists!!
Thankyou, every little helps.

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